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Buy Inalsa Kitchen Appliances For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Inalsa Kitchen Appliances


Inalsa Home Appliances, which is now a part of Spain-based Taurus group, is also extending its other brand Mellerware to kitchen appliances to the mass market.

Besides, the company Inalsa is increasing its presence on the kitchen appliances trend, it's known as one of the most affordable kitchen appliances in the coming years.




These days, food processors and other kitchen appliances come with various new features and installed technology which is making our life more easy and convenient. There are many appliances of Inalsa which produce some quality food and kitchen Style. Among all of them, the one which is distinctly ahead from other brand is Inalsa.


Inalsa is famous for making quality small kitchen appliance which is used for many tasks in the kitchen and that too at a low price and more conveniently. Basically, Inalsa kitchen appliances maintain the balance between both the quality and cost. This Inalsa fiesta 650-watt food processor has always been the bestseller of this brand, wherever you go on various online selling platforms. It’s the specifications and performance separates this gem from other in the market. There are many other kitchen appliances of this Inalsa.


Food Processor Specifications


The specifications of Inalsa includes body design and material with cost and quality. All the body parts of Inalsa are made with stainless steel. So, there is no question of rusting. Now Coming to body design and volume, the product of Inalsa is hardly of a 40 cm cube which weighs only about 5.8 kg. These dimensions and product volume is way less than what we get out of it of any other product.

The food processor and other kitchen appliances come with various other parts. It has two jars, namely blender jar and grinding jar. For slicing and other purposes, it has two blades. So, this contains a lot in one package and that too at an affordable cost.




Though there are loads of positives of Inalsa brand, the major one will be described here. First one is that the motor is really strong at 650 watts. You get the feel with these Inalsa brand products that it indeed is a high motor food processor.


Secondly, all the attachments are designed for Indian user style and they are quite helpful for all. There is not a single stuff or attachment which remains unused.


Also, all of them comes in nice body design and shape. There is always the lowered price in this brand. Less than four thousand is literally nothing if we see the attachments that come along with these products. The processing is also lightning fast. You will get your juicers ready within two to three minutes.


And the best feature or major advantage of having this brand kitchen appliance is the noise-free working.


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