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Buy Induction Gas Stove in India @ Limeroad

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Induction Gas Stove


Now enjoy a faster, efficient, and smart way of cooking with the advanced induction gas stove. Remodeling a kitchen means a lot of decision, especially about cooking appliances. If you are still confused about making the right decision between a gas stove and an induction cooktop, induction gas stove is the solution for you. It comes with gas cooktops as well as an induction cooktop. This slim and light-weight appliance can be placed anywhere depending on your convenience. Whether you want to make rice, dosa, soup, or boil milk, these induction gas stove can help you make do the multi-cooking chore in minutes.


With a number of pre-set functions such as making rotis, dosas, boiling milk, or deep-frying, you can cook anything you like with a single touch. The functions of the induction are controlled by smart technology, which adjusts the temperature according to the food without any manual intervention. Even for the safety of users, they automatically switch off if the pan gets too hot. The appliances will be ready for use again after a few minutes. For reheating food, these induction gas stove comes with a unique keep warm functions. This feature ensures that the food stays warm for a long period of time and you don’t need to reheat the food again and again. Also, the induction gas stove has a flat surface which makes it easy to clean the appliance without too many efforts. The top glass surface of the induction makes it easy to wipe off the spills in seconds. By getting induction gas stove home, you get benefits of both the gas and induction altogether. To mention a few:


Gas Burner

  • When you switch to gas, the heat is immediate, there is no waiting time and many people like the idea of being able t see the flame because it helps as a visual guide with how much heat is being used.
  • You can use just about any type of cookware on a gas stove.
  • Almost all gas stove comes with the manual knobs and some people like to able to turn the temperature up and down this way rather than use than a touch control panel.

Induction Cooktop

  • Induction is far quicker than a gas stove and safer as it automatically power off the moment the utensil leave the surface. Some of the induction tops are even cool to the touch within seconds.
  • The energy used in induction is far more economical. This is because induction only heat the cookware that you are using and nothing else apart from that, no energy is getting wasted. No more hot sweaty kitchen, and certainly far fewer chances to burn yourself or set something on fire.
  • Temperature control in induction cooktop is much more precise because many models have the benefit of electronic touch control which is digitally displayed.
  • Induction cooking top is easy to cleans, since, if you do happen to have an overflow of some sort, the food or the liquid will land on a cool surface, which makes cleaning absolute ease.

On LimeRoad, you will find a great range of induction gas stoves from premium brands that too in competitive price ranges. Find your perfect cooking partner, along with great deals and discounts.

Frequently asked questions
What is an induction gas stove?
An induction gas stove has both induction and gas burner, with such a kitchen appliance you will enjoy the utmost cooking flexibility. You can use cooking gas while using the gas burner, and if you run out of that, you can put in use the induction cooktop that works on electricity.
1 answers
Are induction gas stoves safe?
Yes, definitely, these induction gas stoves are the safest kitchen appliances that you will ever have. What makes these induction gas stoves safe refers to the fact that the cooking surface does never get hot, only the pan and this is because the electromagnetic fields that are created by the induction cooktop.
1 answers
Does the induction cooktop present in induction gas stove save energy?
You can save energy and reduce the cooking gas bill by using induction gas stove, there is no wasted heat as the provided heat does not flow up from the burner around the outside of the pot. The induction cooktop uses up to 90% of the electric energy converted to heat, while gas stove lost up to 60% of the cooking heat.
1 answers
Is induction gas stove easy to clean?
Yes, induction gas stove is easy to clean because it is designed in a way that the food or liquids do not spill onto the cooktops, only the part of the induction cooktop that heats up is the part in contact with the pot or pan. For a great looking and functioning all the time, you must clean your induction gas stove regularly.
1 answers
Does induction gas stove use electricity?
The induction cooktop in that do not use electricity directly, but the heat produced through electromagnetism in order to cook food. This can be explained by the fact that when the appliance is turned on, you have an alternating current that flows through the coil of the induction stove and is able to produce an invisible magnetic field to induce heat to the cookware.
1 answers
Are induction cooktop hot to touch?
As long as the induction cooktop uses electromagnetism and there is no pan place over it, it is safe to touch and not hot. It is so easy and safe to cook with the induction cooktop. After you are done with cooking, leave it untouched for a few seconds to cool down, it does not take much time.
1 answers
Is it bad for health to eat food cooked in induction cooktops?
The induction cooktop creates electromagnetic waves, but this does not cause any harm to the food cooked over and to human health. The level of radiation emitted is very low and the induction cooktop does not emit heat. Therefore, there is no significant negative effect of food cooked on induction.
1 answers
Are induction cooktops better than gas cooktops?
Induction cooktops are slightly better than the gas units because the induction appliances are safe since gas stoves produce fire as a source of heat. Therefore, maximum energy from the electricity is used for cooking in induction, while significantly less energy is used with a gas stove. Also, the heat generated by induction is not distributed around the stovetop.
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Can induction cooktop cause a fire?
No, this is not possible. Since the induction part of the induction gas stoves uses electricity to create a magnetic field through electromagnetism, which produces the heat to cook food, it certainly can not cause fire directly. Though, if you leave oils unattended, that may catch fire at a certain temperature, otherwise, it is completely safe to use.
1 answers
Does induction cooktop require special cookware?
Yes, you need to use induction compatible cookware with the induction cooktop. The types that work with induction cooktop are stainless steel cookware, cast iron, and enamel cast iron. While aluminium, pure copper, or glass cookware will not work on induction unless that have a layer on the bottom with magnetic properties.
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