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Buy Iron Man T-Shirts For Boys in India @ Limeroad

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Iron Man T-Shirts For Boys


Superheroes allow kids to dare, to express the brave parts of themselves. They teach children to acknowledge their vulnerabilities and limits as elements that make them unique; the message is that being different is a plus. This is very important as it is what help kids stay grounded without getting lost in an imaginary world. Identifying with these characters doesn’t have to become a getaway from reality but has to remain a fantasy that is helpful for coping with reality and accepting it, also with its flaws. Kids can look up to and learn from superheroes because outside of their costumes they are real people with real problems and vulnerabilities, say psychologists who did research on this topic.


Iron Man - Armour up!


The list of superhero models available for kids is a very long one. The one that was first made into a movie was Iron Man. Iron Man was created by Stan Lee, developed by Larry Lieber and designed by Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He first appeared in the comic Tales of suspense in 1963 and was made a separate title in 1968.


Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark is a rich American businessman, playboy, and a scientist. He was being kidnapped during which he suffers a severe chest injury. When he was forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, he secretly builds a powered suit of armor to escape from there. Later, he adds weapons and some more tech devices built by his company, Stark Industries and improvises the suit. He keeps his identity a secret at first but later he reveals his identity in a public announcement. He was a founding member of the team Avengers.


There have been many adaptations of Iron Man for several animated TV shows and movies. In the movies, it is played by the hot Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man's powers come from his powered armor. It gives him strength, flight, durability and an array of weapons. Stark injects modified techno-organic virus-like body restructuring machines (the Extremis process) into his nervous system and rewrites his biology to save his own life and get an enhanced healing factor. He partially merges with his armor, so he can control the weapons with his own brain, technopathically. He can also interface with communication satellites to increase his range of influence. Phew! The world of fiction can be so exciting and adventurous!


Be Your Own Iron Man


No wonder the boys love Iron man. So give them their own armor, a t-shirt with an Iron Man print, and help them feel just as powerful. Limeroad has a huge collection of Iron Man t-shirts. They come in so many prints like an image of Iron Man himself, the Ark Reactor, some cool graffiti, and his famous catchphrases too. And just because his armor was red, doesn’t mean that the t-shirt should be red too. There are many more options to choose from so you can keep your boys’ wardrobe colorful! So wait no more, get your hands on one today!