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Buy JAIPAN Kitchen Appliances For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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JAIPAN Kitchen Appliances

Keeping the legacy of 'Old is Gold', JAIPAN is one of the oldest brand for kitchenware and other cookware appliances. Founded in 1984 this Indian brand is based in Maharashtra, Mumbai. They are gifting their customers durability and assurance with a motto of Customer Satisfaction and are a firm believer of delivering the best. They are conscious of their responsibilities and always try to raise the standards of their products.

With these aims and affirmations, they are providing us with some of the best kitchen appliances to alleviate everyday chores. But where to look for these best products at an affordable price ? Don't worry Limeroad is the one click solutions to all your problems. Check our site for JAIPAN products with some great offers at a pocket friendly price.

Hand Blender

With the summer season around the corner, the season of smoothies and shakes is coming back. Now prepare fresh and chill smoothie or shakes with this hand blender. This device helps in blending the contents to a thick emulsifying format. Also because of its thin structure it saves space and can fit anywhere in your kitchen. It does not require any additional or a fixed-spot kind of space and is easy to clean. It's comfortable grip also adds to an advantage making it easy to handle and use. The blender has shockproof housing and the blades are made up of stainless steel. Last but not the least it is energy and power saving thereby decreasing the load to your pocket as well.


A heating device used to remove wrinkles from clothes. Its name originates from the material used to make it i.e. Iron. Earlier when there was no concept of electricity, coal was used to heat the heavy  machine and press the clothes to remove all the creases. But with advancement in technology and introduction of new techniques, light weighted irons were crafted. Steam and dry irons are the products available in the Jaipan kitchen appliance range wherein both are used to serve the purpose but with a little difference. Wherein dry iron is in direct contact with the cloth, steam iron uses the concept of steam water to iron the clothes. Both are used for their individual type of cloth material.

Toasting Sandwich Maker

Sandwich making is no more time consuming with the toasting sandwich maker. Get the hot and sizzling taste with in a clamshell design and make your food more captivating making everyone around crave for it.

Butler Mixer

If you are a cooking freak and love to try out new combinations then you got a friend from jaipan as this mixer helps you to prepare the best and finger licking dishes. This magic weapon grinds yours ingredients and make the spices and paste to add to your course making it absolutely relishing. Its sleek and classy design makes adds to the beauty of your kitchen giving it a modern touch with a consumption of only 750W of energy making it a top notch product.

It also comes with a multipurpose jar and a wet grinding jar along with a power indicator making it handy and easy to use.  

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