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Buy jockey briefs for men in India @ Limeroad

Jockey Briefs


Jockey Underwear briefs are comfortable and stylish. Jockey briefs come from one of the worlds most loved and popular brands for innerwear. The brand is renowned for its superior quality, innovative designing and comfort fit.

A ‘Brief’ History


Jockey was founded by Samuel Thrall Cooper in the year 1876 under the name 'S.T.Cooper & Sons' in Michigan. The hosiery business, later named Jockey International, was started to help lumberjacks with better quality socks. The company's mission - 'satisfying the human need for comfort'.

The first type of underwear by Jockey for men was the union suit. The Jockey y-front and midway briefs came into existence in the year 1935. These were mostly then preferred by athletes and sports persons.

In present date Jockey’s international line-up includes underwear, thermal clothing, sleepwear, active wear, sports apparel, and lounge wear for men. If you are looking for briefs for men online you are at the right place. LimeRoad brings to you wide collection of Jockey innerwear. You may pick from your favourites and stay comfortable along with style.


Jockey: A Solution To All Your Needs


It matters a lot to feel comfortable in the inside no matter which activity you are engaged in.; whether you are training in the gym , heading off to work, or unwinding in the evening. Be it colour blocked, patterns, solids, striped, mid-rise or low-rise, LimeRoad brings to you Jockey men's innerwear for all your needs.

  1. Boxer style briefs offer a lot of coverage and a more snug fit. Boxer briefs come all the way down to somewhere in the middle of your thighs. They help you protect from skin chafing. You may pick up a pair of Jockey shorts for gym or everyday workout sessions and wear your Jockey men’s briefs under them.
  2. Jockey boxer shorts are an alternative to the regular briefs which offer you loose fitting. Boxers provide you with more leg space and are airy as well. You can wear these jockey underwear at home to lounge or even as a sleepwear. You can wear them under your jeans. Choose from a wide variety of bright colors and funky prints.
  3. If you are fan of indulging in high intensity sports or workouts, then bikini briefs by jockey would work the best for you. So called Jockstraps keep you private area safe by lifting it away from the body. This multi functional underwear from Jockey for men helps to keep your private parts cool and dry, one can wear their bikini jockey briefs under shorts, tight pants or any other sports apparel.

The Jockey underwear range for men is being offered at LimeRoad at quite reasonable prices. You may stock up on as many Jockey inner wear briefs as you want.

If you want to buy Jockey briefs for men from the convenience of your home, shop online at LimeRoad with ease. You can also check out other men’s wear by Jockey suck as upper wear, sportswear, and lounge wear.

Happy shopping at LimeRoad.