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Jugs are something we use on daily basis. It is a permanent part of our dining table. They can be used to store water, milk and juice. They are also available in different materials like plastic, stainless steel, copper and ceramic. In the present time, beautiful eye-catching jugs are used as showpieces.


Jugs - The History


Jugs have always been used by people from a very early period of time. During the early period, jugs were made out of clay and they were handcrafted. As times passed by people started using the pottery wheel to make jugs in different sizes and shapes. It is known that Vikings use to use leather jugs.


While speaking of history we can never ignore the Romans. The Romans had always done creative marvels. They used jugs made out of clay and glass to carry food and liquor. Jugs were also used to carry water from the river and as Romans are known for being advance they also had the names of the substance in the jugs written on them.


Jugs For Water


Water jugs are the most popular ones. These are usually made out of materials that do not affect the water in it. Water jugs have curled opening for the water to flow out properly without spilling around. Usually, these jugs come with a 1-liter quantity level which is the standard size and so they fit into any kind of setting.


LimeRoad has a beautiful collection of jugs ranging from plastic to copper and stainless steel. Brands like Frestol, Asiacraft, Pasabahce, Dynore etc are available on their online app store with great offers and discounts.


Jugs For Decoration


In the present time jugs are even used as showpieces or flower pots or craft material holder and many more. Ceramic jugs are usually used for such creative purposes. Such jugs have a very beautiful authentic look and the ones that are hand painted are just magnificent. These jugs are highly used by interior designers for home or office or restaurant decor.


Eating on a beautifully arranged dining table is joy. A hand-painted ceramic jud can really add to the charm besides the food on the table. Just serving milk during breakfast or juice in such jugs makes the eating experience more fulfilling.


Cultural Concepts, Miah Decor and Caffeine Stoneware these three brands has such a beautiful collection of ceramic jugs. The best part is that LimeRoad has their products in such a reasonable price range.