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Buy Khadim Slippers For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Khadim Slippers For Men


We all love to try something new in footwear and indoor footwear are as much important as the outdoor footwear. Everyone should have a pair of slippers which can be worn indoor so our feet remain soft and feel comfortable.


We all are aware of the Khadim footwear, a renowned brand for men women and children footwear. So if you're looking for something comfy for your feet it's time to check the Khadim slippers on LimeRoad. Khadim slippers are a treat for your feet.


Khadim offers a wide range of slippers for men. Which are made available by LimeRoad so that you can get your favourite pair of slippers sitting at your home and anywhere anytime.


About Khadims


Khadim India was incorporated in 1981, and through the next several years, the Company was involved in wholesaling and distribution of branded basic utility footwear, and the company had forayed into the retail business in 1993.


Khadim India Limited is one of the leading footwear brands in India, with a two-pronged focus on retail and distribution of footwear. The Company is the second largest footwear retailer in India in terms of number of exclusive retail stores operating under the Khadim's brand, with the largest presence in East India and one of the top three players in South India. The Company also has the largest footwear retail franchise network in India.


Two of the main reasons to buy Khadims Slippers


Wearing Slippers Can Make You More Productive


Numerous studies have shown that relaxed workers are more productive. And nothing signifies relaxation quite like donning a nice pair of warm, fuzzy slippers. So slap a pair on those cold feet and get to working on things like organizing your tax documents, updating your resume, balancing your checkbook or starting that novel you’ve always thought about writing.


Slippers Reduce Your Risk Of Bacterial And Fungal Infections.


There’s a reason fancy spas hand out slippers to guests who are visiting the pool, sauna and other public areas of the facility. Slippers act as a comfy protective agent against communicable foot diseases like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus infections. So yeah, don’t just wear slippers to feel pampered. Wear ‘em to keep your feet healthy, too.


Why wear Khadims Slippers?


There are lots of reasons to wear liberty slippers! They can improve grip, keeping you safer around the home, provide warmth & comfort, and also save your socks from excessive wear. They will keep your feet nice and warm without having to put the heating up sky high, and having warm feet helps you to feel warm all over. Slippers are mostly worn in the home, but if they have hard soles many of us are guilty of popping outside in them from time to time!


Khadims slippers  are very comfortable and easy breezy. They come in different types like leather slippers etc. They also offer different colours like black blue brown , plain slippers, fancy slippers, slip ons , slippers with strips, etc . All kind of slippers are made available on LimeRoad.