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Buy Killer Perfumes For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Killer Perfumes For Men


A fragrance can both make and trigger memories. Every person has a distinctive smell associated with them and this smell is subconsciously stored in the minds of the other people they are around. Smells are more than that. They are linked to emotions, people, places, seasons and even objects. There is a real, physical connection between smells and brain. When they say first impressions have a great impact, one of the factors that makes an impact is a smell. That is why it is very important for you to smell great at all times.


Out of the many brands that make great perfumes, Killer is a pioneer. Explore the collection of exclusive fragrances on Limeroad and get what suits you best, in the comfort of your home.


Get That KILLER Vibe


Killer is an Indian brand that is famous for its water conserving jeans. They make a range of other accessories too, out of which deodorants and perfumes are one of the best selling products. Killer perfumes are a perfect blend of fruity, refreshing notes that have a very long lasting fragrance. They have many distinct fragrances available by the name Splash, Aqua, Drizzle, Enrgy, Flirtatious, Sensual and many more.


Killer perfumes have a range of fragrances that are warm and charismatic. The packaging is very attractive and fresh that appeal to the one who buys them. There are brands that make very expensive and exclusive perfumes but Killer is one among the brands that make affordable yet great perfumes that are easily accessible by everyone.


How To Buy Them Without Smelling Them


Since you are shopping at Limeroad, your favorite online destination, one disadvantage is that you cannot actually smell the perfumes before buying them.


Here are a few tips that can help you with that:


  • Ignore the price: Our main target is to get you a perfume that suits your personality. So it is not necessary that only fragrances with a high-cost must suit you.
  • Know the keywords: There are some keywords that explain the character of a perfume. “Intense” “dark” “passion” etc. Know what they mean in terms of fragrances so you can know what you like the most.
  • Note the colors: Not judge a book by its cover, and even though not always, the colors of the bottle usually reflects the character of the smell of the perfume. For example, Cool blues indicate fresh and aquatic fragrances, Gold represents rich, exotic flavors, Yellow represents warmth and summer, Greens are woody and smoky, Black stands for deep, intense fragrances that work well for evenings, Red is for spicy and punchy, Pink is for light floral fragrances and so on.
  • Know the mood: Not all fragrances work for all moods. So there are “families” of fragrances that you should know. For example, Citrus works for gyms, daytime, and summer, Sport works for holidays and night outs, Aquatic is for casual daytime use, Woody is very masculine and versatile so if you’re ever in doubt, this is the one to go to and so on.


Now that you know your basics, go ahead and get your bottle of Killer perfumes of the flavors that bring out the best in you, only from Limeroad!