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Buy laurels watches for men in India @ Limeroad

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When we hear the words “dapper style”, images of someone dressed in a three-piece suit, complete with a bow-tie, a pocket-square, and a pair of well-polished shoes come to mind. As much as we’d like to dress all fancy, and look our smartest self every single day, it’s just not a feasible idea.


Most days are meant for casual wear or the usual shirt and pants combo. We always have the option of accessorizing our outfit with funky bracelets and rings, but do we really want to show up at work looking like we’re college freshmen? We think not. This is why watches are such classics.


They are as much a little boy’s dream accessory as they are a grown man’s essential arm candy. Besides, they serve a functional purpose. That they are effortlessly stylish and add to the appeal of an outfit is just the icing on the cake. Want to invest in a couple of quality timepieces? We at LimeRoad have the perfect collection for you, with Laurels watches for men.



Look your dapper self every day, with Laurels watches for men



One of the first things that all of us look for in watches is probably the strap. Is it stylish? Does it look smart? Is it versatile? And is it durable? Laurels watches for men tick all these boxes. Keep it simple with metal strap watches, or go casual with fabric strap ones, the end result is bound to please you. At LimeRoad you can also choose from watches with a tough genuine or synthetic leather strap, or ones with a silicone strap.


Then comes the dial. You can never go wrong with Laurels watches for men with a round dial. They are timeless and are versatile enough to be good casual and formal wear. If you want timepieces that have a hint of sporty vibe to them, you can spoil yourself with watches that have intricate numerical markings on the bezel, or round dial watches that feature multiple sub-dials. For casual outings when you don’t mind being relaxed and breezy, accessorize your outfit with Laurels watches for men with a square, rectangle, or oval dial.


The watch’s dial movement is another factor that comes into play with these accessories. If you’re looking for a gift for your son who’s just learning to tell time, digital watches are the ideal bet. As he grows older, you can indulge him with a pricier analog watch. Can’t seem to decide on which the better choice is? You don’t have to choose. There are men’s watches that show the time in both the analog and digital format.


When it comes to the features, you have watches with the basic water-resistant function, and ones with alarm clock settings, a calendar display, a date display, or a chronograph.



Buy Laurels watches for men online from LimeRoad and enjoy a convenient shopping experience



Forget visiting a shopping mall, the smart way to shop is to do so online at LimeRoad. LimeRoad is one destination where you can conveniently browse through an extensive collection of Laurels watches for men, and compare their prices and styles all in one sitting.