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Buy leather flip flops for men in India @ Limeroad

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Leather Flip Flops For Men

Let’s begin with the basic, what are flip flops? Are flip flops simply slippers? Well, let’s answer that one by one. Flip flop can be consider simple sandals with only a strap in the front unlike slippers, they can be worn outside and are actually associated with beachwear, poolside wear or whenever you want comfort outside your home but then again there are no rules.


In India, slippers and flip flops are almost consider alternative to each other, but truth be told if you are going outside flip flop are a must, leather ones add the much needed ‘luxury’ and ‘style’ to it!

For The Love Of Casual Walks

You may have some other idea in your mind about when or for what you wanna get a flip flop for, most of the time they are also preferred as a footwear you can just slip into if you are going for just a walk across the sideways or something alike. So without putting a category on it, let’s just talk about some leather flip flops you can choose for the casual times.


Yes, we at limeroad are more than happy to make it a little easy for you and give you some recommendations!


  • ID Tan Leather Toe Separator Flip Flops: This all pure leather flip flop color shades are such that it gives a perfect platform for your feet to go out for a night walk.

  • Frestol Red Leatherette Toe Separator Flip Flops: For the time you need extra comfort, these vegan leather shoes are padded to make the walk easier
  • KIELZ Tax Faux Leather Slip On Flip Flops: It possibly couldn’t get more casual when your flip flops itself says ‘casual’ on it.
  • Get Glamr Tan Leatherette Slip On Flip Flops: If you are looking for the extra style in your flip flops, this one got something for you.

For The Love Of Beaches

Imagine you and your pack decides to spend holiday or week off at some serene location away from the stressful life. The first person that hits the group with idea comes up with the plan to spend holidays with rest of the pack at Goa. Everything is planned from boarding to stay and the itinerary, the restaurants, the spas, the food and the part of Goa to visit. Packing of clothes begin and you pack everything and suddenly your mind strikes about Flip-flops.


You want good photos on your picture now won’t you? This is when the question of fashion comes in leather flip flops. Beach wear are comfortable while keeping a fashion forward step and that’s how your flip flops should be!


Let’s take a look at what you can wear:


  • Kraasa Brown Leatherette Toe Separator Flip Flops: The earthy feel is perfect for the beach, actually blends with the whole beach theme thing.
  • Hoppers Go Blue Leatherette Toe Separator Flip Flops: Giving major oceanic vibes, can’t get better if you are walking by the waters!
  • Viscaso Yellow Leatherette Toe Separator Flip Flops: Have your sunny side up for the show and shine as bright as the sun with this one.
  • Frestol Multi Leatherette Toe Separator Flip Flops: Bring in the blast of colors to your vacation!

Who Doesn’t Want A little More?



We hope that our recommendation help, although there is nothing better than taking a look at it yourself and hence there is one more thing we recommend searching for in leather flip flops. You can also use filters like ‘leather’, ‘patent leather’, ‘faux leather’ etc and browse through all the leather flip flops that limeroad can ship to your resident at no time!