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liberty casual shoes for women

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Liberty Casual Shoes For Women


Liberty casual Shoes comes in a variety of style and colors for women catering to everybody needs usually ranging from 300 to 1500. When you search for them on Limeroad, you will find there is one for every budget.


Liberty - The Brand of India


Liberty has been around for 60 years or so. This Indian company has been providing comfortable and stylish shoes for women for a long time and that too at an incredibly affordable price. Liberty, under its hood the brand has names like Healers, Force 10, Gliders, Senorita, Tiptop and AHA for women.


Something that fits, Liberty truly is a brand by Indians for Indians.  A Made In India Company which started before its time and now has earned a name for its women’s casual shoes among the many shoe products it offers not just in India but globally.


Fashion Is Comfort


Casual has to mean comfy and lightweight, both of which Liberty casual shoes provide women looking for stylish comfort wear in their everyday life. Talking about fit, did we mention that with a wide range of style comes a wide range of sizes so that every woman can treat themselves with the comfort of Liberty Casual Shoes.

Fit For Walk, Fit For Pocket!


Perfect for College Students as it fits your pocket money and people looking for a good comfort wear and they gets an added bonus with savings due to affordable stylish shoe wear. A brand is truly true to their customer when it offers a wide range of styles in every section of the products. And Liberty sure does that task efficiently. The brand offers a wide range of colors, from pastel to neon.


With 1000 of outlets/showrooms and online shopping websites like limeroad offering an instant access to comfy affordable women casual shoe wear of the Brand Liberty, it’s not hard for customers to find their perfect fit.


Keeping Up with The Trend


A size that only fits you but provides you with the ultimate comfort you were looking for. And that’s not all, it gets better Liberty keeps up with the trend and has been consistent with introducing their new arrival.


Say No To Compromise


We all have been there when we notice the shoes first no matter what occasion so even if you are keeping it casual, you don’t want to wear age-old school (Unless you want to go old school but then that’s the whole thing with your outfit…) ok so the thing is shoes are fashion first thing, many of us actually put comfort second to get the best of the fashion. We do this for shoes! Shoes which are meant to make your walk comfortable. Well, not the case with Liberty. Casual shoes for women are Comfort First and Style First!


Style Has No Rules


Go ahead buy yourself a pair of Casual Shoes from Liberty and pair it with you favourite Top-Jeans, Casual Dress, Top-Palazzo. There are no rules! Chances are that your liberty shoe probably goes with every casual outfit in your wardrobe. Liberty’s tagline says it all “Fashion is Comfort”. Tried and Tested, turns out fashion is comfort when it comes to Liberty.