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Buy Linen Cotton Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Linen Cotton Shirts For Men

At least once in a lifetime, we all have envied birds that can fly. Feel light. Cutting through mighty winds. If there is a chance to feel alike while being grounded, who would miss it? That’s the secret of lightweight clothing. Infusing this magic of lightness on the wearers.


About The Fabric


Linen is a symbol of light, purity and strength. Ever since ancient times, it has been the costume of the wealthy. Lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic and environment friendliness are few of its characteristics.


Linen is like the man of all fibres. Strongest of all. Linen is derived from fibres of the flax plant or linseed plant. Flax fibres vary in length from 1-6 inches. The longer the fibres used in manufacturing, the softer the garment. The more you wash, the softer it becomes. Owing to their low elastic nature, easy wrinkles are inevitable. This makes ironing mandatory. Continuous creasing along the same spot causes breaks in the thread and tears the fabric. Also, wrinkles give an impression of tiresome within a few hours of putting on linen clothes.


Linen is preferred for its capacity to absorb moisture and keep you cool. This makes it the most preferred garment for the summer. However, the very same property cannot keep you from shivering cold when you enter the artificially cooled atmosphere like movie theatres, AC restaurants, shopping malls etc.


Why Cotton Linen?


These limitations of linen are overcome through a miraculous blend with cotton in right proportions while retaining all its best properties. Blending with cotton adds strength to the resultant fibre and also reduces the cost of raw material. So here is the fabric that makes your summer feel like spring.


Linen cotton shirts are the new heartthrob of men. Their demand is quite evident from the variety of hues and styles offered in the market.


The components of a shirt include collar style, sleeves, button placket, breast pocket, cuffs, fit, hemline, hue.


Based on the style of each component of the shirt, let us see how we can man up the outlook.


  1. Collar Style - Line cotton shirts are available in mandarin collar, button-down collar and spread collar styles. Mandarin collar gives a more relaxed look while spread collar stands for relatively higher alertness. Button down collar, on the other hand, stands for a completely present attitude. Hence, formal shirts usually have a spread or button down collar
  2. Sleeves And Cuffs - A majority of cotton linen shirts come with full sleeves and button cuffs. Half sleeves in cotton linen shirts are less preferred as the sleeves don't stand and give a droopy appearance
  3. Button Placket - The position of button placket emphasizes its importance in the overall design. It comes in running colour or contrast colour. Linen cotton shirts have button plackets that are full or half or full concealed.
  4. Breast Pocket - Breast pocket adds to a more formal look while its absence gives a breezy touch to the shirt.
  5. Fit - It is available in both regular fit and a slim fit. It is totally a personal choice if you want to flaunt the well-refined physique or hide curvatures.
  6. Hemline - A curved hemline has a lower front, back and higher sides.  A straight cut has a flat ending. A high low hem is a straight cut and length till just below the waist that goes well with trendy casualness.
  7. Hue - Linen cotton shirts are available in fresh and pleasant hues like light peach, aqua green, lime green, sea blue, white etc Bright colours make you look younger, healthier and happier.

For a formal appearance, tuck in the shirts and pair it with a formal bottom tied with pitch black or light brown broad belt. Top it with a blazer to up the game. If one cannot avoid wearing a suit on a summer day, put on a dark coloured cotton-linen shirt. For casual options, put on white cotton pants, chinos, knee length shorts. Be it beach volleyball, summer tours or home crashing, Cotton linen shirt can always find a place on the top of your preferred list.


At Limeroad, there is no dearth of variety of these. Do have a look and make a top style cool, calm, decent yet vibrant appearance with very little effort.