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Buy Liverpool FC Watches For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Liverpool FC Watches For Men


Wristwatches are dynamic pieces among accessories which are portable timepieces. They serve both decorative and functional purpose. In this new era, watches don’t only show time. The watches have become multi-purpose with the changing requirements of the consumers. The watches are now available for casual, professional, dressy and even sporty requirements. These watches are available even in varieties of display and functionality like analogue, digital, chronography, and a lot more.


One of the most popular traders for these beauties is Liverpool FC. Liverpool is primarily a 126-year-old professional football club based in Liverpool, England. This football club has won the second most elite honours among all the English football clubs.




Liverpool FC is a brand that offers a specialized range of analogue watches. The timepieces of this range are available in colours like black, red, yellow and white. The company also offers straps in materials like silicone and leatherette that give a sporty yet class approach to one’s outfit. The silicone banded watches are all a perfect pair for casual wear, whereas on the other hand, the leatherette banded wrist watches give off a more professional, dress and classy vibe.


The dials for these watches a mostly round. The leatherette pieces are water resistant and the dial is made of silicone rubber and stainless steel. Every watch in this collection will not only suit your attire but you’re bank account as well.


Collection on Limeroad


Limeroad has everything Liverpool FC has to offer for watches. It’s a one-stop solution. If you’ve reached limeroad in search for the perfect watch from Liverpool FC, you don’t need to wonder any further, limeroad is at your service with its wide variety of wrist watches.


Hottest picks


1.Round Dial Analog Watch 10416603

This casual round dial analogue wrist watch comes with a silicone strap that's vibrant yellow in colour. Its dial in white with diameter 0.5 mm. This stylish timepiece is a perfect fit on your wrist, made from the best, most durable materials.


2.Round Dial Analog Watch 10416600

This is a classy model from Liverpool FC wrist watches collection. It’s both sporty and sleek in look. It’s suitable for a variety of occasion that may differ from the requirement of casual look or professional ensembles. This wrist watch comes with a black silicone strap and a matching round dial.


3.Liverpool FC Abstract Men's Analog Wrist Watch 10416597

This timepiece model from Liverpool FC collection has a fabulous body made of durable and vivacious leatherette band and silicon rubber and stainless steel dial in a metal case. This black beauty is black in colour and complete water and moisture resistant solution. Its dial has a wider diameter than usual with a width of 1.77 inches. This one is suitable for a dressy ensemble for a casual party, friends hangout or even a professional meeting with a client. All you need to do is pair it with the right outfit according to occasions.