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Buy Lotus Herbals Mascara For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Lotus Herbals Mascara For Women


Lotus Herbals Volumising Mascara arrives in a dark cylinder which has the silver shading name of the item encouraged along its length. Assemblage of mascara is strong it implies it’s simple to convey. The mascara wand is genuinely thin however marginally long yet I discover it very simple to utilize. Lotus Herbals Mascara’s recipe is minimal runny than other mascara equation however it doesn't take long to dry after application. 


Lotus Herbals Mascara wand coats the lashes equitably and I adore how it strengthens the lashes. Despite the fact that it’s intended to be volumising mascara, I feel it strikes a decent harmony among length and volume. My lashes feel little plumped up, very dull dark and in all respects equitably done. I adore that it doesn't bunch or give that spidery look to the lashes. 


Lotus Herbals Mascara is waterproof and falls off effectively with cosmetics remover. It doesn't piece off over the span of the day. It additionally holds up twist actually well, I for the most part twist my lashes with assistance of eyelash styler toward the beginning of the day when I do my cosmetics and even after 10 hours, my lashes look superbly twisted! 


Open up your eyes and give your eye cosmetics a dazzling enormous eye figment, with the characteristic plan of Lotus Herbals. Lotus Herbal Mascara: 


  • Is volume building mascara that upgrades your lashes. 
  • Is water confirmation and smear evidence. 
  • Comes with an extraordinary brush that isolates both slim and thick lashes to coat totally. 
  • Is scent free and fragile on touchy eyes as well? 
  • Contains normal concentrates of witch hazel that feed and secure the eyes. 

Investigate the whole scope of Mascara accessible on Lime road. Shop more Lotus Herbals items here. You can peruse through the total universe of Lotus Herbals Mascara 


Extra Information: Lotus Herbals is India's driving characteristic skincare and beauty care products organization, known for their wide scope of Ayurvedic and Herbal healthy skin, hair care and restorative items. Joining old intelligence from the Vedas with the most recent innovation, every one of their items are produced using top quality, logically created, natural fixings and are free from synthetic substances and creature testing. 


Professionals Of Lotus Herbals Mascara:


  1. Contains home grown fixings, for example, Lavender concentrates, witch hazel concentrates, and Symphytum Officinale Leaf separates. 
  2. It doesn't chafe my eyes by any means. 
  3. It has a moment cooling impact on eye lashes. 
  4. It professes to have volumizing properties. 
  5. One coat is sufficient for me to open up my eyes, calming dull and tired looking appearance. 
  6. One coat is sufficient for wanted stretching of lashes. 
  7. It is sans scent and appropriate for delicate eyes. 
  8. It gets effectively evacuated with cosmetics remover, no issues in that. 
  9. Wand is truly adaptable and can be utilized to coat lower lashes adequately. 
  10. Bit of clumpiness that happens can be viably settled by eyebrow and lash groomer. 


Cons Of Lotus Herbals Mascara:


  • It isn't at all waterproof. This is truly not anticipated from a notable organization like Lotus Herbals in the wake of referencing waterproof on the bundle. : Wow: no: 

  • It bunches your lashes, in the event that you utilize second coat following first. 

  • Its consistency is watery. : Yuck: 

  • After utilizing it, it appears as though I have utilized false lashes. 

  • Just for 4 Gms of the item, cost is on the higher end. 

  • Not reasonable amid blustery days. 

  • It sets aside effort for the primary coat to dry.

Frequently asked questions
What is good natural mascara?
100% Pure Ultra Lengthening Mascara. We've been longtime admirers of 100% Pure's dedication to health and beauty, and their mascara is a must-have product. A mixture of black tea, berry and cocoa pigments creates the perfect shade for darkening lashes, while also lengthening and separating them.
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What is the healthiest mascara?
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Is it OK to wear mascara every day?
Wearing mascara is not pleasant and affects your eyes – especially if proper care is not taken. Not only do mascaras dry out your eyelashes, it has also been clinically proven to thin out your lashes as well.
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Is organic mascara better for your eyelashes?
It is great for thickening, curling and lengthening lashes. ALL NATURAL ORGANIC MAKE UP - This mascara is non toxic and free of harmful chemicals. It is good for sensitive eyes and contact wearers and enriched with nourishing ingredients that promote eyelash!
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Is there formaldehyde in Mascara?
Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen used as preservative in mascara and other beauty products. Aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is regularly used in mascara to obtain certain colors but according to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database, it's a known nervous system toxicant.
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Does putting mascara on ruin your eyelashes?
Sometimes we get too tired to wipe our makeup off before we go to bed, but leaving mascara on your lashes overnight does more harm than you know. If you keep mascara overnight, it can cause your lashes to fall off, and a stiff lash can actually scratch your cornea while you're sleeping.
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How often should you throw away mascara?
Lipstick is typically good for one year after you've opened it. Eye makeup like mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replaced every three months.
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Can you apply mascara without curling your eyelashes?
It is true that you should not apply mascara before curling your lashes with your fingers. ... If you run your fingers under water, make sure to dry them before touching your lashes. However, there are other steps you need to take to curl your lashes with your fingers.
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What is the best mascara for straight eyelashes?
Tubing mascaras are great for straight lashes because they're more rubbery than other formulas and, like waterproof mascaras, hold a curl better. Tubing mascara also doesn't smudge, which is great for short, straight lashes, since they're so much closer to the sensitive eye area.
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What if I don't like the product I ordered?
We have always worked towards keeping our policies customer friendly and convenient. The easy return policy allows you to try any product you want without any hesitation. You can return it within ten days if you don’t like it or if you find that your product is not as per your expectations. In this case, the money is refunded and our delivery partner will come up to pick up the returned item at your doorstep.
1 answers