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Louis Philippe Belts For Men


Louis Philippe Belts: For the Gentleman



Belts are an overlooked accessory in men’s clothing. A belt is more than just a utilitarian item; it’s also a powerful fashion statement. Belts are an essential item for any man. It is a strap made of leather or other materials that is used to fasten trousers.


A good belt can add refinement to a formal outfit and dress up a casual one. It is a great way to express your personal style, being both classic and trendy. Louis Philippe, a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla group, is a leading manufacturer of men’s apparel and accessories.


Louis Philippe caters to every kind of man, from the modern metro sexual to the traditional gentleman. Louis Philippe belts are made of high-grade leather as well as faux leather. No matter your personal tastes or budget, Louis Philippe belts are sure to meet your needs.



Styling Tips For Louis Philippe Belts



Since a belt cuts across the midsection of your body, it is a prominent style statement. A well-chosen belt can make or break your outfit. The most distinctive feature of a belt is the belt buckle. Louis Philippe belts come in many different styles of belt buckles.





1.  Traditional Buckles


These are a classic belt buckle design. The buckle is commonly made of steel, brass, silver, or nickel. It has a single or triple clamp enclosure to secure the belt.


2.  Plate Style Buckle


This type of buckle attaches to the belt via three hooks. Plate style buckles are used in military belts. The plate portion of the belt often has decorative designs engraved onto the surface. These types of buckles on Louis Philippe belts are very distinctive and draw a lot of attention.


3.  Frame Style Buckle


This is the oldest buckle design. These Louis Philippe belts have a D-shaped frame with a single prong that fits into the belt holes to secure the belt.


4.  Box-Frame Buckles


These are military belt buckles that became popular in the 20th century. A metal tongue connects the buckle to the belt. These are solid, rectangular buckles that clamp onto the belt frame. Due to the absence of prongs, this style of belt buckle is preferable for cloth belts since there’s no risk of the prong snagging on the material and causing tears.


5.  Box-Out Buckles


These are a modern take on traditional belt buckles. Louis Philippe belts with this style of buckles are more fashionable than functional. These are best reserved for casual occasions as they can look gaudy with formal outfits.

Apart from these standard types of belt buckles, many belts come with novelty buckles with interesting designs. Motorcycle buckles with images of bikes, superhero buckles, military buckles, etc, are examples of novelty belt buckles.


Buy Louis Philippe Belts at LimeRoad


Louis Philippe belts for men are a must-have item of clothing. Louis Philippe belts for men are sold at competitive prices on the online LimeRoad market. Buy Louis Philippe belts online at LimeRoad for high-quality belts at affordable prices. When buying Louis Philippe belts for men, determine your correct waist size.


Your Louis Philippe belt should be neither too loose nor too tight. A belt that is too loose will not be functional while a tight belt will be uncomfortable to wear. The belt must allow for natural variations in pant sizes and waist circumference over time. This will give a sophisticated and put-together look to any outfit. Also, remember to match the color of your belt to your shoes for a well-coordinated ensemble.


Louis Philippe belts for men are a vital addition to any wardrobe. Turn up the style quotient in your wardrobe by wearing Louis Philippe belts.