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lunch box

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Lunch Box

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day and well for your growing child it is certainly important so it is necessary that it must be hygienic and safe and a lunch box is the one used to accomplish this task. From school going children to office going adults, this box of happiness is a daily essential. Hence a hygienic and durable lunch box is a must and if the material is as sturdy as stainless steel then of course it adds a cherry to the top.


Stainless steel lunch boxes are the small containers with different compartment for several kinds of food and are now gaining more popularity than plastic lunch boxes.


The history of lunch box is go from way back and carrying home made food  from one place to another was quite in habit. Stainless steel lunch boxes came into existence after World War II at the time when steel became popular so lunch boxes made of steel were also came into the market but lost their shape as plastic was becoming the golden material at that time because it was cheap and lightweight and certainly no evidence of being toxic and harmful but as technology improved and people are getting more and more aware these stainless steel lunch boxes began to show their presence in the market and certainly people are recognizing their worth.


  • Insulation - With metal coating the food inside is insulated for certain period of time and if eaten feels like freshly prepared food to our tongue.
  • Durable - As it is made up of steel it is long lasting and a good investment of money and if it get dropped off there is no spilled food and can be reused even if it gets a dent.
  • Eco-friendly - Steel is made up of natural elements and thus it's product must be eco-friendly and can be reused, recycled thus we are contributing to the environment by buying these stainless steel lunch boxes.
  • Safe and non toxic - Unlike plastic it does not contain any harm and toxic chemicals so the food is safe and hygienic to eat.



The only disadvantage is that due to the fact that it is made up of metal it is incompressible so it takes space depending upon its size making it a tedious task at times to carry these strong durable lunch boxes  especially when space is your constraint.

Stainless steel lunch boxes have evolved and are evolving over the years- with a simple lunch box to a well designed with more compartments to a quirky design -all these are coming in the market with a cost in mind. A simple stainless steel lunch box can cost upto  400 rupee and a designed one can cost more than 1000 bucks with an extra insulation and space. Keeping these factors into consideration and you being a smart buyer, take a good idea to invest in this hygienic, durable lunch boxes to keep your food hot and fresh.


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Frequently asked questions
How to wash a stainless steel lunch box?
Use your regular dishwasher or mild soaps and they are enough to clean the lunch box. Do not use hash chemicals or bleach that can ruin the life of the product.
1 answers
Does stainless steel corrode?
Stainless steel is usually does not corrode and it is highly durable and corrosion resistant and can be used extensively but with course of time the chromium present in steel reacts with air oxidised and thus get a rust but if handled with care they have a good life.
1 answers
Are these lunch boxes BPA free?
The lunch boxes are made of steel so it does not contain even a small amount of BPA.
1 answers
What are the types of Stainless steel Lunch Boxes?
The stainless steel lunch boxes are of various types and are used for packaging lunch for school going children and also for offices and also widely used in catering services that provide food whether it is lunch, dinner or breakfast.
1 answers
Can you microwave a steel lunch box?
No metal containers are not microwave safe, they can catch fire or explode if microwaved.
1 answers
Does stainless steel keep the food warm?
The food in these steel lunch boxes is insulated for a certain amount of time. The food stays hot and warm for a good period of six hours.
1 answers