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Single Comforter: Comforters are soft duvets made of synthetic cotton or silk that is essential bed linen in cold weather. Single comforters are widely used as everyone can have one to meet their demands. Old men and women and children love to have comforter to keep them warm and insulated from cold while they are sleeping. You can also avail single comforter sets for your entire family as these are can be availed at a reasonable price range when bought in sets. Attractive comforter designs for classified single comforters include simple block prints or flowers or soothing patterns, bright cartoon designs for young kids or classic geometric patterns of circles or checks. You can also have solid single comforter that suite with your interiors or other bed linens. Single comforters may be used as bedding in trekking trips or slumber parties. You can put on a cotton jacket on the actual comforter and use it as bed comforter as well. These bed style single comforters are quite useful as they can be used as a comfortable bed on the floor that helps you get a warm and comfortable sleep. During adventurous trekking trips, bed comforter saves you from sleeping on the bare floor, amidst insects.