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Styles in Button Down Kurtas Button down trends in kurtas have made a come-back in fashion and have been seen via the creations of many designers at various fashion weeks. Button down kurtas give a lot of scope for creativity on the designers part and can be seen in different styles, patterns and cuts, each giving a new look and appeal to the overall attire. Kurtas too come in various styles and cuts that make this versatile garment suitable and a must have in every modern woman's wardrobe. It enables them to style it any way they want to and look every bit modern and trendy in them. Anarkalis: Anarkalis have kali patterns that make it very easy to be transformed into button down kurtas. Button down kurtas designs in Anarkali styles have been very popular on the ramp and are gradually finding its way into people's collections and wardrobes as party wear kurtas. Most people while buying outfits these days wants something different and unique. Button down Anarkali kurtas make such great party wear. Indo Western styles in the form of button down kurtas too have become very popular. While doing button down kurta shopping, one will find a wide variety of styles, the most common of these being the coat styles which make smart formal wear when teamed with trousers or leggings.