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All Time Classic Kurtas Classic Kurtas are designer White Kurtas that are meant for special occasions in Middle East Countries and some parts of Northern Fringes of India. These are mainly designed for men as they are long fitting robes with simple Thread arts around the collar. Classic Kurtas have the classy flavor when paired with Churidar or sleek Pajama. Classic Kurtas are made of very fine materials hence they are very cautiously priced. Classic Kurtas designs vary from modern run designs to conventional patch works. Silk Classic Kurtas are one of a kind, some of which contain designer mina art works as well. Tusser Kurta has its own class and are still used by the grooms in Bengali weddings. Classic Kurtas have barely any connection with women still tall women can add it to their trend chart as these Kurtas can have many combinations for women as well. Classic Kurta along with a long shirt might sound weird but this combination is unbelievably rare and amazing. Mainly women of taller stature can try this out as Classic Kurtas are basically bit longer than the regular Kurta size. Classic Kurta shopping can be done at any well-established Punjabi stores or you can simply browse through the online collections at for a perfect one.