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All about collage photo frames If you are thinking of what to gift your friend who is going abroad for studies or a job, why not collect a few photographs of memorable events to make a collage. Collages are not new concepts and you can add different photographs to make them. Right from your time as kindergarteners to graduation and other important days, you can collect photos and put them up in special collage photo frames online available. These photo frames have slots for individual photographs in different shapes and sizes. If a particular photograph does not fit a frame, you can resize the photograph to fit it. Most collage photo frames online has space to stick on 5 to 10 photographs seamlessly. Before you go collage photo frames online shopping count the numbers of photographs that you will be putting up for the collage and their approximate sizes. If you like a collage photo frames online India a lot then you may have to resize the photos. Collage photo frames online India is quite inexpensive and you can buy them in different colours. You can also choose one which has a smart quotation or your favourite cartoon character. It would be the perfect parting gift for your friend.