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Family photo frames No matter how modern we are as home decorator, we never skip on putting up family photographs. Family photos are quite rare because they are mostly clicked on someone?s wedding or similar occasions. The bigger a family photo, the better it is because everyone can be recognized in the photograph. Family photo frames can be both digital and normal ones. If you have a particular photograph that you want to display on your wall, you should buy a normal family photo frame while for multiple photos; opt for digital family photo frames online because they save a lot of space. Family photo frames can be made of many materials- from wood to plastic and their prices differ accordingly. The size of a photo frame also determines the family photo frames price. You can find some which cost only a few hundred rupees while for the rest you may have to spend couple of thousand rupees. Decide upon the optimal size of the photo before you order family photo frames online. If you order wooden family photo frame, then make sure it has termite powder coating otherwise your frame may wear away within a few years. Buy family photo frames online which look classy as the photo is symbolic of a special memory.