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Latest Trends in Flip Flops Flip-flops are the most common and widely used informal shoes also known as Hanawi in many Asian countries. It consists of a flat sole with two straps each originating from one side and terminating at the end together, separating the thumb from other toes. Flip-flops were basically meant for indoor use but now they find external use as well due to the immense comfort they provide. Popular Flip-Flop Designs: The latest flip-flop trend is unisexual as there are classified designs for both men and women. These shoes are comfortable and can be of various colours and designs. Flip-flops for women are printed with floral pattern or other attractive designs like polka dots or bubbles. The straps can be of the same colour as the sole or can be a contrasting one. This season, vibrant bright flip-flops are quite popular all over the country. Flip-flops Online: Flip-flops have an amazing range in the leading online stores. Designer flip-flops with a rubber flower or butterfly at the tip is liked by many women. Designer Flip-flops are easily affordable at a reasonable price so just order for your favourite flip-flops online and wait for it to be delivered to your doorsteps. You can also buy flip-flops online for your kids as they have amazing comic range as well.