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Look Stylish With a Kimono Dress Kimono dresses originally are traditional dresses of Japan. Kimono dresses are basically kaftan styled wrap around dresses and look t-shaped with straight lines with no body contours. The wrap around Japanese Kimono is wrapped left over the right and is tight with a sash. They also vary in lengths. Modern trends of Kimono dresses have modified traditional styles to create a blend of the western tunic styles, kaftan tops with the Japanese traditional kimono. Chiffon and Georgette Kimonos: Chiffon and georgette kimono tops are very popular and are worn with jeans or leggings or simply as dresses. Kimono sleeve is similar to the look created by kaftan tops and chiffon fabrics are lightweight and cling to the body making the wearer look slimmer. Heavier women could opt for kimono dresses made out of fabrics like silk or soft cotton. Stiff or heavy fabrics would make them look bulky. Empire waist styles also make heavy women look bustier and should be avoided by them. Sashes and tie-ups that end around the waist will have a more slimming effect. Swimsuit cover-ups: Kimonos are also worn as swim suit and bikini cover-ups to the beach. The fabric can range from sheer styles of chiffon or any other printed fabrics in satin, lace and synthetics. Buy stylish kimono dresses online at