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Lip Balm for Luscious Lips: Lip balms help in keeping your lips juicy and luscious with its essential fruit extracts and sun screen factors. Lips are the most crucial factor of women?s beauty that defines her intriguing passion. A girl always loves to have a healthy lip line with sparkling lips forever. Lip balms are provided with essential vitamins that nourish the lips and keep it moist throughout the day. Fruit mix lip glosses are the best lip balms as they have a fruity smell and you can taste the amazing flavor as well. Lip balms can be of various flavors like strawberry, mulberry, orange, banana and so many. Each has distinct colours but lip balms are not meant to colour your lips. You can even use sun protection lip balm that can protect your lips from the scorching rays from the sun and keep it juicy and pink as always. Lip balms with SPF are expensive than the normal lip balms. The online make-up inventory has amazing collection of lip balms that can mesmerize you with its luring colours and features. You can buy lip balm online from, but in that case you need to wait to taste the flavor until it is delivered to your doorstep.