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All about love photo frames Those with special people in their life such as a boyfriend, spouse or partner would love to keep a photo of that person by their bedside. They would want their special person?s face to be the first one that they see every morning. To exemplify your love for your partner in his/her absence, you can get a love photo frame. Usually love photo frames online are available in heart shape although some may be made in rectangles and ovals. Love photo frames online are available in different colours such as pink, blue and red. However, to add an aesthetic look to your bedside, you should opt for silver one made of cast metal. A love photo frame should be ordered online based on the size of the photograph. You can measure the size of the photo in inches before placing your order. Some of the love photo frames online have cute figures such as cherubs and cupids on them which are traditionally believed to be symbols of love. Some of these photo frames also have a hook at the back using which you can hang the photo frame on the wall. A love photo frame with a picture of you both is also a perfect gift to surprise your boo with!