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Go stylish with messenger Bags: Messenger bags are basic courier bags that can be crafted out of any synthetic material and has a short sling to carry it across the chest. Messenger backs in latest trends are available in market to make your college days more happening. Sling bags are generally bags meant for carrying important office equipment like camera, projector or basic necessities. Messenger bags for women are available in various colours and shades. There are leather messenger bags as well which can likely have room for a lot of things. Crafted messenger bags with modern prints are in high demand. Women are fond of floral prints or classy modern designs hence designer knows exactly how to impress a lady with his deisgns of amazing messenger bags. offers a wide variety of messenger bags specially designed to suite the purpose of urban fashion check. Plenty of branded stores have their unique collection of messenger bags and they can be of varying fabrics. Leather messenger bags, jute bags, canvas messenger bags, synthetic messenger bags etc, all have their specific use and designs. Messenger bags online shopping is quite interesting as you can choose from all hand-picked designs that are popular all across the country.