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Multi photo frames When we think of framing photographs, we often get confused about the one that we want to frame. Some photos have better lighting while some have better angles and the others may speak volumes about a special memory. A multi photo frame can solve the problem instantaneously as you can put up multiple photographs in it. You can highlight your relationship with your spouse, best friend or a family member better by putting up photos from different occasions. Multi photo frames can contain numerous photographs, the least one containing two. A multi photo frame can be made of plastic, wood or even cast metal. You can find multi photo frames online which have cascading photographs, joined one after the other or ones which are arranged like a sunflower, where the photograph in the middle is larger than the rest while smaller photo frames surround it like petals. You can get other designs of multi photo frames online at Multi photo frame price is mostly dependent on the material used to make it, the size and the number of photos that can be contained in it. Depending on the frame that you select, you may have to modify the size and shape of your photographs.