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Styles in paisley print kurtas Kurtas are one of the most comfortable clothes for hot and humid climates. Paisley printed kurtas are usually light in colour and they have prints in floral patterns and other traditional designs. The paisley print kurtas are available in various styles that would suit different body types. For pear shaped bodies, paisley print kurta designs are available in longer lengths which would mask the heavier lower body. Similarly, apple shape bodied people can wear paisley print kurtas which have got thin straps and deep necks to show off their curves. Paisley print kurtas are also available in short length with longer sleeves that look good on people on the slimmer side. These kurtas can be paired well with leggings or jeggings. They can be accessorized with junk jewelleries such as bracelets, wristlets, and chunk earrings and neckpieces. When you are going for paisley print kurtas shopping, you should make sure of your body type before buying them. Slimmer people can opt for three quarter kurtas with the Chinese collar whereas women on the plumper side should opt for slightly deeper necks that are quite long. There are quite a few good designs of paisley print kurtas available online at reasonable prices.