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Trendy Designs in Platinum rings Platinum, the king of all metals just speaks for itself when a woman finds it on her finger. Platinum rings have an imperial class of its own which can never be paired with any other material but expensive diamond. It has a graceful colour of its own that can define the ultimate love quote in just a band running around your finger. Platinum love bands are meant for sweet couples who always wants to remain tied to each other. Platinum rings for women are studded with diamonds all over to make her go more head-over heels for it. Platinum rings help to ignite the romantic spark between partners and keep them together forever. Lucky young ladies may expect it as a surprise birthday present from their parents as well. Trendy platinum rings have attractive designs with the latest being twisted metals that entwine with one another and have shiny small diamonds, peeking through from every possible gaps. Platinum rings are way too costly than any other metal hence the platinum ring price starts from about 30 grand. You can always opt for platinum plated ring instead which is likely to cost around a grand or even less than that. So just hurry and add the most precious ring to your collection.