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Trends in Wall Painting Colours for painting the modern day home is no longer restricted to single colours and shades these days. The latest trends in wall painting include using a combination of colours in a single room, highlighting walls, creating designs and adding that artistic touch to the wall for a distinguished interior. Wall painting ideas are an outcome of creativity and reflect your inner tastes and preferences for style. Paint themes: Add some fun elements to your rooms by adding a themed look. Themed designs would mean including colour combinations that remind you of a particular season or place. For example, a combination of blue and green is a great soothing combination and vibrant at the same time. Add in some wall painting designs and create an aquatic effect for the room. A combination of grey and yellow with a hint of green is also a great combination for the living or dining space. Art work: Wall paintings can also include abstract designs and artwork on the walls for an added artistic look. Digital wall paintings make use of artistic techniques and create special designs on the walls creating a highlighted look. Instead of using canvases and cheap artwork to decorate walls, use this new technique to add beauty to your home.