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Trendy Designs in Wedding Rings

When we talk of wedding rings, we should never forget the three month salary theory as it is said that the cost of your wedding ring must be equivalent to your three month?s salary. So it is surely going to be an extravagant and tempting buy but my friend, everything is fair in love and war. To see your bride smile forever, you can offer her the solitaire diamond ring with pure gold base, special wedding ring for women. Gold Wedding rings are meant to be kept on forever hence the metal should be highly resistive to corrosion. You want to treat her like your princes? Then nothing can be better a wedding ring design than the princess square wedding ring with glittering diamonds all over. Wedding ring, being the most memorable ornament of your life has the right to look the most attractive and wanted piece of jewelry in your box. Wedding rings with innumerable rubies around a central piece or simply a sleek band with a priceless diamond, all counts a lot as they remind you of your wedding whenever you take a look at it. Platinum wedding rings have amazing collection like geranium effect ring or rose petal platinum ring.