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Wine Glasses for your Home Bar Setting up a home bar requires careful attention to detail starting from collection and choice or drinks to selecting bar equipment and serving tools and other bar accessories. Wine glasses for instance come in a wide variety of styles just like wines themselves do. Finding affordable but good quality wine glasses can be difficult but a thorough search might help you find the ideal wine glass set for your home bar. Colourful glasses: wine glasses come in a variety of colours. They can be of glass, plastic or any other synthetic materials. Colourful wine glasses that are translucent to look at are very attractive. However, different types of wine or coloured wine should be served in specific coloured glasses.Red wine glasses and white wine glasses should be kept served in different coloured glasses. For instance red wine is best served in transparent white wine glasses such as crystal. Crystal glasses: crystal of the finest quality, some with intricate designs on them look very sophisticated and wonderful. While you purchase your set of wine glasses online, don't forget to invest in a few wine glass charms that are used to identify one's drinks. They look unique and also available in different kinds of shapes and styles.