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Buy Makeover Belts for Men in India @ Limeroad

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Makeover Belts for Men


Belts are an essential part of a man’s everyday attire. Belts are worn for both function and style and even though they seem like a small accessory, they have a surprisingly large impact on the impression you make. They can be something that pulls an outfit together or something that ends up becoming a distraction that sabotages its overall effect. Just like you cannot wear the same outfit everywhere, there are certain norms when it comes to belts too. Shop from Limeroad’s amazing collection of belts and keep yourself prepped up to be ready on the move.


Makeover has been one of the popular choices for men's’ belts since the very beginning. They make high quality, durable belts that are highly fashionable too. Makeover belts are one of the best in the category with varieties available in both casual and formal belts. If you don't have one of these in your closet, make sure you get one today!


Make or Break


Belts can be tricky to carry. They can make everyone look weirdly at your belly or can make you look impeccably well-dressed, depending on how and when you wear them. Want to know how you play the belt game right? Keep reading:


  • Size: First things first, you are going to have to know your belt size. As obvious as it may sound, you should ensure you choose belts that are not overly long and definitely not too short. After you put on a belt, there should be a few inches left to push through your remaining loop, keeping things aligned and clinched.
  • Color and Finish: For formal occasions, it is very important the color and the finish of your belt matches the shoes. If your shoe has a wet-look, your belt should have the same. For casuals, the bet should either complement or match the color and finish of your shoes.
  • Buckle: The bigger the buckle, more casual the belt is. You can wear big buckled belts as a casual wear without a doubt. But for formal occasions, the buckle has to be simple and small. For formal looks, you should stick to the classic buckle, the simple silver square framed buckle with single prong.
  • Width: Always go with narrow belts for formal outfits. When wearing dress shoes like Oxfords, Derby, Formal Loafers etc, stick to tiny/narrow leather belts because they are the most formal. They can also be worn on dress pants, chinos, and dark denim. When wearing casual shoes like canvas or sneakers, you can wear thicker casual belts like canvas belts or fabric belts. These are usually considered more casual.

The key is to match your belt with your shoes and a little bit to the outfit. Now that you know the basics, you can explore the classic collection of Makeover belts on Limeroad and keep your closet ready to rock any event that comes your way, formal or casual. Go ahead and get yourself a couple of these wardrobe essentials from Limeroad today!