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maroon cotton blazers for men

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Blazers For Men

Not just at the anchoring in your college function. Take a girl on a date with a Single Breasted Blazer on, you would stand out of the crowd and your chances of being said a ‘yes’ might multiply!

For all the cool and quirky things on sale in the malls today, there is always a coat accompanying! From school to interview day, from hiring day to see-the-girl day, putting on blazer completes your personality. Well, formals don’t always mean a full sleeved, ironed Shirt with a pair of straight trousers. It could also mean the casual tops with all weird things written on it! Tucking that garment inside and putting a blazer on furnishes the formal look the current generation obey.

The storm of blazer culture came to India in the early 90s when Hollywood movies had become a craze among the elitist group of gentlemen. Sooner though, the craze for Holly movies tripled and so did the trend of blazers. Everybody began putting on a blazer. No matter wherever they went, which season was it – to obtain that classy look, all men were seen in bright/bland blazers! Today, the lifestyle of the elitist has crept into the lives of almost all the other class of people in Indian society. We all have embraced this culture deep enough for it to leave.  

The Tremendous Types

All the different kinds of blazers deliver an impressive look when put on with the correct set of attire. Not “just this” or “just that”, all of them, I repeat, ALL of them perfectly suit the body of whosoever dressed intelligently!

Remembering The Michael Corleone Style

The Single Breasted Blazers are the ones you dress in to furnish that formal/semi-formal demeanor of yours. For the not-too-formal meetings at your office or a random rendezvous with the boss, show up in a dark shaded single-breasted blazer to forge a good impression. Added will be stars to the persona if you’re in decent colour jeans or in fact better, if in formal trousers. Carry yourself with confidence and throw the rest in a sight of awe!

At other times, a single-breasted blazer can help you maintain a low-key personality at a social gathering or even in charged parties. With the correct colour of denim, the modest you will be all set to rock in the party. That’s how blazers are advantageous add-ons to your almirah!

Bond. James Bond!

Tuxedo is a personal favourite of all gentlemen. It is the same kind you watched the President of US wear on the formal dinner meeting he had with his cabinet yesterday. It is that blazer put on by actors marching to get their award on stage at an Oscar night. And, most importantly, the kind James Bond is always seen wearing.

Fret later if you don’t own a Tuxedo blazer already! Limeroad just saved you before the company anniversary occasion arrived. See? Tuxedo is probably the classiest of all the blazers ever stitched. The clean shiny lapels add stars to the already bewitching blazer. With a bow and tie of the same cloth as the lapel, who can resist to not steal a glance of you?

Our Bollywood Bandhgalas

Mandarin Blazers – for a formal feeling on a wedding day! These blazers are an amazing companion for your friend’s wedding reception. Not all functions expect you to dress in Indian ethnics of Kurtas and Pyjamas, some ceremonies want you to carry a semi-ethnic look too. For that to show, emerge in a mandarin collar blazer with a solid matching drop-crotch bottoms. Don’t have it yet? Why is Limeroad here for, after all?

Since Sherwanis have become too common these days, carrying a fusion look with a Mandarin jacket on will grab all the attention at the function. To add more flavour to the outfit, buy the right kind of Saleem Shahi shoes and you are all ready to surprise!

From The Skyfall Star’s Shelf

The double-breasted type of blazer is not an uncommon one either. Overlapping front flaps with the buttons stitched in parallel, these blazers are suitable for a formal wedding ceremony. The buttons, however, come in many different numbers, depending on how many of them do you want on yours?

Draw from your closet a light shade double-breasted blazer, put it on a well-pressed plain shirt with a pair of basic trousers to carry the “formal” feel. Clean, polished pair of shoes is the trump card!

Own one from each type to be ready for any event that pops up on your calendar! No time to shop? Limeroad is just a click away. Explore through the tons of blazers made available to you from big brands like Van Heusen, Arrow, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe and many more. Happy shopping!

Frequently asked questions
What color trousers do I wear along with a maroon blazer?
t depends on the type of blazer it is. If you are wearing a tuxedo, go for a pair of black trousers. Black looks perfect with a Mandarin too, but it is better to put on a traditional look and choose a biege patiala. You can wear anything along with a single-breasted blazer basing upon the inner garment. In case of a double-breasted blazer though, it is ideal for you to wear trousers of the same color as that of your suit.
1 answers
Which blazer is perfect for a wedding reception?
For a wedding reception, get dressed in either a double breasted blazer with a perfectly ironed maroon trousers and hang a burgundy windsor neck-tie over a white shirt. Or, a maroon tuxedo with a black bow and pocket square neatly folded.
1 answers
How do I dress up for a wedding?
For a typical traditional Indian wedding, get dressed in a maroon Mandarin and a biege coloured drop-crotch pants. Accompany the attire with a pair of stunning mojaris and pin a classic brooch to the blazer.
1 answers
What are the additions I can do?
You can always wear a tie for single and double breasted blazers. For Tuxedos, a bow and pocket square is like stars to the sky. In Mandarin blazers, pin brooches and wear wedding turbans, if possible. These attire enhancers are surely to catch notice.
1 answers
Is it necessary to wear a tie with maroon blazers?
To ensure a formal look, a tie is a must. Wear maroon coloured full windsor knots with your single-breasted, tuxedo and double-breasted. However, it is not mandatory to put on one. We declare our individual fashion statements anyway.
1 answers
Which fabric should I prefer?
The general cashmere fabric is the most common type. Nevertheless, Limeroad offers many different choices, from velvet to linen and silk. Choose the material judging on your usage. For a regular use, buy a cashmere blazer for it shall last long and still ensure a perfect look.
1 answers
Can I wear jeans with a single-breasted maroon blazer?
Yes, absolutely. Try fusing different styles and in that way you might find some more cool combinations that all that have been experimented with as of now.
1 answers
Is it okay to wear maroon blazer for an official meeting?
That actually depends on who you are. The boss or the boss’ employee. Kidding! You can put on a maroon blazer to an official meeting provided the colour is not too loud for an atmosphere like office. Also ensure if the fabric fits.
1 answers
In which kind of blazer can I use a bow?
Tuxedo! Not just this one though, you can put a bow for a double breasted blazer too. Make sure the bow is of a contrasting color to the blazer.
1 answers
Which color shirt should I wear for a maroon blazer?
Preferably white if you go out with a composed formal look. While hanging out with friends, try the turtle-neck black t-shirt with your maroon blazer on.
1 answers