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Buy Maroon Lipsticks For Women in India @ Limeroad

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₹ 299
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Maroon Lipsticks For Women


Red is a color that never goes out of trend and so do different shades of red. Maroon, which belongs to the red family, is one of those universally flattering shades that look stunning on all skin tones. When you're wearing maroon, you don't have to do anything else to the rest of your makeup because your lips steal the show. The maroon lipsticks are used for creating a vampy look or a chic look or everything that comes in between. Shop from Limeroad’s collection of maroon lipsticks and get extra vampy with the best maroon lipsticks there are at all price points.


Be Bold & Beautiful


Anybody can wear maroon lipsticks if they have the desire to do so. As they say, there is a shade of red for every skin tone. All you got to do is to figure out what suits you best. These few tips will help you figure out exactly that:

  • Fair Complexion: Fair complexion has a pinkish flush to it naturally. So to bring out the brightness in your skin, and also make your teeth look brighter, you can go for cool toned maroons like with hints of blue or purple rather than warm tones like orange.
  • Medium Complexion: For medium complexion, shades of maroons that occur in nature, like the orangish shades of sunset and also, poppy maroons will help you cancel out any sallowness you may have in your skin.
  • Deep Complexion: To avoid looking chalky or ashy, go for the lipstick shades that don’t have a white base. Bright, deep matte maroons look best for deep complexions. You can also play around with chocolaty-cherry lipsticks since they represent the richness and the depth of your complexion.


After you figure out what complexion your skin has, the next step is to figure out the undertone your skin has. Every type of skin has an undertone which is crucial to identifying the right maroon lipstick for you. Basically, there are 2 types of undertones: Cool and Warm.

  • If the veins on your inner wrist look blue, you have cool tones. Cool undertones have pinkish tones to their skin. You should go for shades that have blue and pink undertones.
  • If the veins on your inner wrist look green, you have warm tones. Warm undertones have yellowish tones to their skin. You should go for warmer colors that have yellow and orange undertones.

Maroon lipsticks suit both formal and casual occasions, although it is recommended to reserve it for a party wear look. You can wear a simple cocktail gown with a rich maroon lipstick and still manage to achieve a paparazzi-worthy outfit. Your perfect maroon lipstick should make you look good without makeup. The trick with them is to keep the rest of your look simple and minimal because maroon is the kind of shades that make your lips do all the talking. Anything else will overwhelm the entire look. Get your own cool maroon lipstick today, from Limeroad and bring out the bold and beautiful diva inside of you.