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Buy Melamine Plates For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Melamine Plates

What you eat in a day is just as important as the utensil in which you eat. Now brew your tempting food with a kink to your presentation with these melamine plates. An essential and everyday need, you always look for something to add elegance to your table - afterall first impression is always the best impression! Moreover melamine plates are durable and easy to clean which adds a point for you to get your hands on it straight away.

Well, it is not something that you would want to get everyday and so LimeRoad got you some of the best pieces available. From fancy and traditional prints to bold colours, loose pieces to sets, we have them all. All you need to do is just sit and select from the wide variety that we have for you here.

Prints And Patterns

With the onsetting trend of 'old is gold' , you can add your crisp of fusion with some of these sets available -

  1. Terracotta look 6 piece melamine plates from Servewell with its top notch quality and snazzy design gives a very desi and traditional vibe to your everyday dining experience. These products are bpa free and do come with the most covered feature of 'No Haldi daag' i.e. no turmeric stain specially for the indian households.
  2. Handmade Traditional Tribal Art Round Plates from Caffeine Stoneware is the perfect combination of durability and presentation you've been looking for. These are available in multi colour and can be used as main buffet plates, side platter plates, snack plates or serving plates and are even microwave safe.

Along with these we've got you some more variations like -

  • Bamboo delight Full plates from Servewell are microwave and dishwasher safe plates decorated from artwork of exclusive and wide range of portfolios which is constantly escalating in the series of new trends. Also, the beautiful bamboo print on makes it idiosyncratic.

Shapes And Size

With a break in the chain of the old traditional shape of the plates, we've got you some other shapes to match your dining aesthetics.

  • Round : The traditional and most common shape is available in  varied sizes depending upon the requirement- small dessert plates to full size meal plates- you name it and we have it.
  • Square : First impression is the best impression and so a change in plating can automatically enhance the effect of a c very simple dish.


These plates are available in sets of different count- well suited for your family type- as a family that eats together, stays together.

Set of 4: This is the smallest number set available. It is the best suited for nuclear families with members from 2 to 4.

Set of 6:  This is for a comparatively bigger family but not a joint family.

Set of 13: For a big joint family, we have a set of 13 plates. This is also well suited for big hosting a bunch of close family and friends.

Shop Only At LimeRoad


So have you decided where to shop Melamine plates from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this fashion platform your one-stop destination! Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!

Frequently asked questions
What are Melamine Plates?
Melamine is a chemical that is used in the manufacturing of plastic and now lot's of kitchenware are made of the melamine and plates are made of melamine.
1 answers
Does Melamine Plates beak?
Melamine is durable enough and does not break like china or other glass plates.
1 answers
Are Melamine Plates safe?
Yes you can use hot, cold or any kind of food you want to serve in these plates.
1 answers
Is melamine microwave safe?
Certainly plastic products are microwave safe but melamine plastic is not and you should not use melamine while microwaving.
1 answers
Don't and Do.
Don't use these plates in microwave Don't use sharp objects such as knives or anything sharp object available in kitchen. Don't use these plates into obsolete ovens Do wash them in dishwasher.
1 answers
Is melamine toxic?
Melamine is not toxic to adults but for infants it is somewhere toxic and if regularly used might develop stones in infant.
1 answers
Can Melamine withstand high temperature?
Unlike other plastic melamine can withstand higher temperature but not higher than 100 C so you it is good to not put boiling water in these plates.
1 answers
Milk and Melamine.
Melamine can be used to store milk as it increases the protein content of milk cause it is high in nitrogen.
1 answers
How to buy melamine plates?
Do check out melamine plates before buying and make sure you're buying high quality and genuine melamine and keep a distance from melamine mixed with impurities.
1 answers