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Buy Melange Kurtas For Men in India @ Limeroad

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by Abhiyuthan


Melange Kurtas For Men


Are you looking for a light and casual look?


Or something that exudes vibrancy in a breezy way?


If yes, then check out Limeroad's trending collection of blended Melange Yarn Kurtas in a variety of colours!


What Is A Melange Kurta?


Indian Wear is known for its various knits and yarns and culturally famous designs. One of the most sought after yarn styles of these is the Melange Yarn. This yarn is made by blending two or more types of fibres to make a blended yarn. Apart from this, sometimes this is done by blending the same fibre thread, but of different colours.


A Melange Kurta will stand out anywhere for its colour variations and vibrant look. Moreover, the blending of the best of fabrics makes these Kurtas a delight to wear during any season.


How To Buy A Melange Kurta?


Kurtas made of Melange Fabric have certain qualities that distinguish them from others.


  • Such a Kurta can be made by two yarn styles. First is the Blended Melange Yarn, which is made by blending different types of fibres together. Second is the Non-Blended Melange Yarn, which is exclusively made by using two pure fibres, for example, cotton and nylon.
  • The blending of various colours gives the buyer great value for money. This variety makes it possible to pair a Melange Kurta with all colours and apparel. Choose a light coloured Kurta to go with Black Jeans and sandals for a light and casual look. Moreover, these Kurtas can be paired with various accessories.
  • The most common blended Kurtas are those of Cotton-Viscose and Cotton-Polyester yarns.

Apart from Kurtas, the Melange Yarn is fast setting trends in apparels like Denims, Trousers, T-shirts, etc. This is because of the high durability of the yarn which makes it ideal for everyday wear as well.

So choose your favourite Kurta from Limeroad and dress up for the best of occasions!