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Buy Candle bases in India @ Limeroad

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Candle bases


Candle bases are supportive structures underneath to hold the candle in place. Their main purpose is to prevent accidental falling of the candles. Candle bases are available for all types of candles like tea light candles, pillar candles, dome shaped slim candles. Candle bases can be external structures like base stands, hanging holders, wall sconces etc made of iron, copper and other metals. In case of bottle jar, glass candles, the wax is poured directly into the structure whose outer form naturally becomes its base.


Intricate designs of candle bases add style, theme, mood and decoration to space. Let us scan the wide array of candle bases flooding the market.


  1. Tea light holders
  2. Decorative metal frame divine tea light holders
  3. A circular grounded metal base of diameter around 3 inches is welded at its back to the bottom of the metal divine frame. When the light is placed in front of it, it projects the shadow of the frame onto the wall. Frames are usually an outline of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi image.
  4. Hanging tealight wall sconces
  5. A designer metal frame is fixed to the wall on the adjacent side of the base. These are helpful to have tiny lights at a certain height from the ground. They prevent direct contact of the flame with the wall and thus avoid deposition of a black layer of soot on the surface of the wall.
  6. Standing tealight candle holders
  7. Metal frames in the shape of stems have a base at their top with a glass fence. They can be placed as decorative pieces on dining tables or side tables. This classic combination of glass and metal evokes a sense of glamour in the room.
  8. Pillar candle bases
  9. Hanging pillar candle bases
  10. Hanging lanterns with closed or open lids are available in different style elements like glass surfaces, perforated metal surfaces, coloured stone embellishments etc. Hanging at certain height clears light of low-level obstacles and improves the lighting. It also keeps candles out of reach of children. Given their nature of protecting the flame inside, they are widely used for outdoor lighting purposes. Perfect for urban balconies, terrace hangout spots etc.
  11. Candle votives
  12. Although pillar candles are stable enough to not need any bases, extra additions like votives enhance the safety factor. Crystal, patterned glass piece designs charge up the room with surprise and fun.  
  13. Bottled jar bases
  14. Molten paraffin wax is poured into open glasses or jars with lids. They come in different colours like blue, white, red, pink etc depending on the fragrance they emanate.  Like mountain dew, rose, vanilla, lemon etc. Since they are made of glass, placing in the lower reaches needs extra caution.


Apart from these models, dome-shaped slim candles, owing to their height to base proportion, definitely need a base. Usually short to medium height iron bases are available for this model. Bases encompassing the full length of the candle appear too high and bulky. They are used for wedding and party decorations, where a lot of candlelight is required. These candles are the most economical choices with more burn hours at lesser prices.


This description is just a taste of the feast of choices available at Limeroad. It is good to have a candle but safe to have a candle base.