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metallic lipstick for women

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Metallic Lipstick

Lipsticks are the primary product when its about makeup. The usual colors are red or pink, they come in matte, glossy or satin. Metallic is one style of lipstick that might not be usually talked about but it has been in fashion for a long time.

Metallic - A Trend

The metallic lipsticks trend started with the rock and punk culture. You could see 80s rock/metal music concerts filled with crowd wearing black lipstick. Even the pop culture has helped making the metallic color a trend for lipstick.


In the more recent time with all the buzz about gold metallic lipstick in fashion magazines and runaways, JLo can be credited for making gold metallic lipstick a hit.


Metallic colors were also huge is 00s bollywood. You can watch any early 2000s bollywood movie and you are sure to find one character who likes to wear metallic lipstick. Interestingly, if you note the characters who are bold,strong and independent wear metallic lipstick in the movie to showcase their character more. Metallic Color generally is associated with boldness, it is infact a bold choice of lipstick.

The Shades Of Metallic

  • The Pink: Although bold, that doesn't mean you have to go all the way for it. There are perfectly neutral metallic lipstick out there which can be worn on daytime too! Usually the shade for such occasions include pink. Aishwarya rai and her subtle pink metallic lipstick was a huge hit when she started giving hits in bollywood. Pink metallic lipstick has been a favourite of Indian Celebrities. It does have a unique look while you can also play safe. Same can be done with red and magenta colors.


  • The Black And The Silver: You may usually associate metallic with silver and black, which is totally fair because they are the most popular color when it comes to metallic lipstick but what is metallic color? It simple can be described as a color that seems like to be a shiny metal. Now there are much more shades available in the metallic category. The gold one is most popular if we talk about today's trend.


  • More Metallic Boldness: There are much more shades than the mentioned ones. Magenta, red, even pink etc. The rose gold color in metallic has a huge potential to get in the trend. It just might be the next big thing.

How To Style It?


So now we know how metallic lipstick isn't just about one thing , there are ways to wear it subtle and then there are ways to wear it boldly. We will not say you can rock metallic lipstick on every outfit but it's perfect for parties, concerts and just wanna be different from the casual. Just wear it with clothes that match, which does not necessarily mean metallic clothes. It can be black or navy blue.


Metallic lipstick do look good on a nice metallic or blingy outfit if it’s a party but then again there are no rules with a metallic lipstick, instead there is a lot of room to experiment.


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