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Milk Bottles


Milk bottles are kind of a trend these days. They are used to serve drinks in cafes and restaurants. They are also used as a part of the home decor as a flower vase or rock collecting jars. They come with a wide mouth and so they can be used for other such creative purposes other than just storing milk or serving drinks.


Milk Bottles - How It All Started


The exact time is not traced for when did milk bottles actually started being used. But the New York Dairy Company is said to have produced the first milk bottles. Earlier milk bottles were used to deliver milk and so the name of the dairy company was printed on it so that they return to their particular companies.


In the 1930’s milk bottles arere round and in the 1935’s in UK slender neck-bottles were introduced. But in the 1940’s square squat bottles got really popular. Applied coloured label was used to identify the bottles. The standard design that is used today was redesigned in the 1980’s.


The Present Day Milk Bottles


Today milk bottles are not just used for milk it is highly used for packaging fruit juices and other cold beverages. The caps of the bottles were colour coded to specified what kind as in fresh or pasteurized or flavored etc., of beverage is in it.


The delivery of milk in glass bottles has stopped like it use to be. People buy milk in milk tetra bags or plastic bags these days. Milk bottles are mostly used as a fancy container these days either to serve drinks or package cold beverages. People even use them in decorating their room these days.


Why Are They Always Made Out Of Glass?


The producers have to make sure that the quality of the product and the container is both high quality and the consumers are fully satisfied with it. Glass is the most preferred material because it keeps the freshness intact for a long period of time. It also has the ability to stop moisture to enter into the container and so the content does not go stale easily.


The glass is made out of all natural ingredients and so that risk of chemicals releasing into the food. On the other hand, the product that is being packed in a glass bottle is much more attractive than just a plastic bottle. The consumers reuse these bottles because they are beautiful and elegant and much better than plastic bottles.