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Buy Navy Blue Suits For Men in India @ Limeroad

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                                 Navy Blue Suits For Men


Suits are simply amazing and, dare we say, the best options when it comes to dressing up, for men. Suits are the choice of apparels that is owned by everyone from office going gentlemen to young high-schoolers. I mean, have you not seen young boys showing off their best suits during freshers and farewell events? This is something they like the best. Suits suddenly make boys more mature and men more sophisticated.


The Colour- Navy Blue


Navy blue is one of the darkest shades of blue. The history of this colour goes way back to the 18th century when it was first brought into use. Navy blue was named after the colour of uniforms worn by the officers of the British Royal Navy and afterwards adopted by the other navies of the world. It was earlier known as marine blue but it was soon renamed to navy blue.


Navy blue is the colour which symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. This dark shade of blue is also associated with the depth of the sea. This colour brings a sophisticated and calm touch to your personality.


This colour also suits the fun and innovative souls of today. As the world is developing and the old is becoming new, this colour with its fresh and cool vibe might just be the one for your distinct and wonderful personality.


What best to wear in this formal as well fun colour than something that also goes with all kinds of personalities? Yes, you guessed it right. Limeroad presents you with the most awesome men suits in this colour. You can say suits are not boring no more!


Navy Blue Suits For Men


When the colour is this amazing, every kind of clothing looks just as great on everyone. But we all know that suits would be the best picks for men of this era.


Suits are something which can be worn on every kind of occasions. From a wedding or a formal meeting to a get-together or a party. A suit can be worn as something funky and creative or something simple and elegant, whatever goes with your style and the occasion.


One major aspect to keep in mind while dressing up in a suit is the kind of tie and the colour of the shirt to be worn inside of it. Light blue shirts are highly preferred with navy blue suit apart from the classic white. For the tie, generally a stripe-patterned red or plain blue, black or grey is preferred. Some might even want to go all casual without a tie.


Van Heusen and Peter England are two of the most common and respected names in the suiting world. They create the best clothing pieces in the market. They have the necessary charm and are simply alluring. Apart from these two, several other brands like, Louis Philippe, Raymond, and Arrow are a few other popular and trusted options.

Frequently asked questions
Are navy blue suits in style?
Suits are always in style. The colour navy blue is the most common and favourable option in suits. People going for interviews or daily 9 to 5 jobs would always keep a good set of navy blue suits with them.
1 answers
Is navy blue suit good for a wedding?
Suits are men's favourite option for all occasions, wedding included. So yes, a navy blue suit would be a good option for a wedding.
1 answers
Is navy blue suit formal?
Yes, they are generally preferred for formal occasions
1 answers
Is a navy blue suit appropriate for a funeral?
Although Black should be your first preference for a serious occasion as a funeral, however, any dark shade would do, including navy blue.
1 answers
Is a navy blue suit good for an interview?
Yes, a navy blue suit would be perfect for you if you want to make a good first impression in your job interview. It would make you look more confident and refined.
1 answers
How should I wear a navy blue suit?
You could go for the formal look by pairing your navy blue suit with a white shirt and a nice tie or you can opt for a casual look by putting on a t-shirt underneath it for summers or a sweater for winters.
1 answers
What shoes would go with a navy blue suit?
The most popular options when it comes to shoes to wear on with a navy blue suit are black, brown or burgundy. You can choose any of those based on your mood or the occasion.
1 answers
What tie looks good with a navy blue suit?
You can pull off a variety of ties with a navy blue suit, whether it is bright coloured, regular, or patterned. Bright colours like orange, light blue and pink would make a statement with a light blue shirt and navy blue suit. Regular colours like black, grey or navy blue help you maintain the classy edge. Patterns like dots, stripes or plaid are also in trend. You may also choose different materials like silk or wool, according to your taste.
1 answers
What shirt would look good with a navy blue suit?
A white shirt with a navy blue suit is an age long conventional choice in the business world. However, you may go for a grey shirt instead of white if you want to create some contrast. For some laid-back events, a pale blue shirt would be the right choice. A pink shirt gives a preppy and clean look with a navy blue suit.
1 answers
When to wear navy blue suits?
A navy blue suit is fit for all formal events as well as family functions like engagements and weddings. It all depends on how you carry your outfit.
1 answers