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Buy Nayasa Lunch Box For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Nayasa Lunch Box

Stuff Tasty Food In Nayasa Lunch Box

Lunchbox typically satisfies our food needs when we step out of the home. Every time we cannot rely on the street food, mess food or hotel food instead, we can easily pack our homemade food in the lunchboxes and carry it when we go for work, school, college or any travel trips. Previously, some sort of steel containers were used to pack the food. But now the trend has changed and a lot of kitchenware brands are producing classic kitchenware sets and lunch box sets for packing the book. Nayasa is one popular brand which is well-known for the production of household items, plastic storage containers and plastic insulated products.

Nayasa is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company which produces high-quality household products satisfying the International standards. To pack the food, Nayasa offers a wide variety of innovative fashionable plastic lunch boxes.  As far as Nayasa Lunch boxes are concerned, some lunch boxes have a stainless steel inner, while some have a plastic inner. The Nayasa lunch boxes come in stylish designs and it keeps the food hot and fresh for a longer duration.

If you wish to pack your food in a stylish and durable lunch box, then purchase Nayasa Lunch Boxes through online at LimeRoad and pack your tasty food or snacks in the stylish and innovative Nayasa Lunch Box.

Brand New Types Of Nayasa Lunch Boxes

From school kids to the office goers, Nayasa Lunch Boxes are available in different types with varied designs, colors, sizes and shapes. Especially to attract the little kids and to make them eat their packed food, Nayasa have innovatively designed the school lunch boxes with colorful and attractive cartoon stickers and images. Insulated lunch boxes, Non-insulated lunch boxes and soft lunch boxes are the stylish lunch boxes types of Nayasa.

Pack Food To School Kids

Under insulated lunch boxes to school kids, the Nayasa Lunch Boxes are classified as Bonsai, Nutri, Nutri Super and Nutri Kids. The Bonsai lunch boxes have a stainless steel inner while Nutri Super and Nutrikids lunch box have anti-PP inner and an inner container for curry. The Nutri Nayasa lunch boxes are usually a small box-shaped container with 4 sided clip locks.

Nayasa non-insulated and soft lunch boxes come in a variety of colors and cute designs in small and medium size. Crazy, Alloy vital 800, double-decker lunch box, camp lunch box, bitsy lunch box, fandu, roti box, ninja, nutty lunch box, sandwich box, spill guard, teddy lunch box, vital square lunch box, zoom and witty lunch box are the different types of Nayasa non-insulated colorful lunch boxes available to pack snacks and lunch to school kids. Some super-stylish soft lunch boxes are doodle lunch pack, blink lunch pack and crunchy munchy lunch boxes.

Both non-insulated and soft types of Nayasa lunch boxes for kids have a flat and slim small sized container with an inner small container or partition to place curry or vegetables. These Nayasa School lunch boxes are an ideal choice to pack lunch, dry snacks and sandwiches for pre-primary and primary kids.

Carry Food To Work

For office goers and high school students, Nayasa insulated lunch boxes serves the best because 3 or 4 stainless medium-sized steel inner containers can be stacked inside a large insulated plastic or steel container and it significantly keeps the food hot for a long time. The count of the inner container varies from type to type and the insulated lunch boxes are the best to pack the lunch while traveling or at work.

The soft line Nayasa Lunch Boxes for the adults has stainless steel containers or microwave plastic containers of various sizes enclosed in a soft insulated pouch to keep the food hot. All the Nayasa lunch containers are made up food grade materials and have airtight lids.

Shop Nayasa Lunch Boxes Online

The online stores of LimeRoad have a wide collection of Nayasa products. If you wish to buy colorful Nayasa insulated, non-insulated or soft lunchboxes, then pay a visit to LimeRoad, browse the exclusive collections of Nayasa lunch boxes available in the store and shop for your favorite lunch boxes from LimeRoad at the best prices. Carry your hot and yummy meals in stylish Nayasa lunch box and enjoy eating.