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Buy Non-Stick Cookware in India @ Limeroad

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Non-Stick Cookware


Non-stick cookware has become an essential product for every kitchen these days. Non-stick cookware makes the process of cooking a lot less cumbersome. It also makes sure that the cleaning process is easy to handle because of the fact that things come off easily from the surface because of the non-stick aspect. It is a common application which makes sure that the food browns without sticking to the surface.  




Non-stick cookware is basically cookware in the kitchen that cookware that has a layer of non-stick surface on it. This non-stick surface is a surface that is engineered so as to make sure that cooking ingredients and other stuff does not stick to it. This non-stick surface is often made with a variation of Teflon. A process for bonding Teflon to chemically roughened aluminum was patented in France by Marc Gregoire in 1954, which was the initial design for the non-stick cookware. The durability of the early coatings was initially poor, but improvements in manufacturing have made these products a kitchen standard, making sure that they have become essential in all households across the world. The surface of the non-stick cookware is not as tough as metal and the use of metal utensils and cookware can result in permanent damage to the non-stick surface. This will result in the degradation of the non-stick surface over time and also in the degradation of the non-stick properties.




There are many situations in the kitchen which almost necessitates the use of a non-stick cookware these days. Non-stick cookware has become a very important aspect of household kitchen today. But there are situations where the use of non-stick cookware can be very non-conducive. Aspects of cooking like deglazing is one such situation, where the use of non-stick cookware is not very helpful. This is due to the reason that in deglazing the residue of the browning is later used for the pan sauce, the use of a non-stick cookware makes such an incorporation impossible. This is because of the fact that due to the non-stick properties of the cookware there is hardly any residue of the browning left in the pan. And therefore, the sauce fails because of the lack of its primary flavoring agent.

It is also important to keep in mind that the use of cheap non-stick cookware can be harmful to the health of the individuals using it. This is because of the fact that Teflon coated cookware are prone to releasing toxic fumes. This happens as the coating decomposes when the cookware is heated beyond approximately 240 degree Centigrade. And such temperatures can be reached within minutes on gas or electric ranges using heat.


Limeroad offers some of the best non-stick cookware for your daily use. And with many attractive discounts on all these products, you are sure to find the perfect non-stick utensil for yourself, without breaking your budget.

Frequently asked questions
What is non-stick cookware?
Non-stick cookware involves utensils that are directly involved in the process of cooking food. They are of various types depending on their use. And they are covered with a non-stick surface which makes sure that the browning does not stick to the surface.
1 answers
What is non-stick cookware made of?
Non-stick cookware is made up of a variety of materials. This is because they have been essential part of the kitchen and therefore undergone some drastic changes. But the non-stick surface is usually made up from some variation of Teflon.
1 answers
Is non-stick cookware expensive?
Limeroad offers a vast collection of non-stick cookware and therefore the are available over a vast price range. This makes sure that there is a set of non-stick cookware for everyone.
1 answers
Is non-stick cookware essential?
Kitchen non-stick cookware is one of the most essential pieces of utensil. Without kitchen cookware, any kitchen is practically incomplete. Non-stick cookware imparts basic functionality to a kitchen.
1 answers
What comprises cookware?
Non-stick cookware is comprised of basically utensils that are used to make raw food into edible delicacies. Such utensils are pans, pots and saucepans. There are many others.
1 answers
Is non-stick cookware available on Limeroad?
Yes, non-stick cookware is available on Limeroad. Limeroad has a large collection of cooking utensils from top brands such as Hawkins and others to cater to all your cooking needs.
1 answers
What are saucepans?
Saucepans are cooking utensils that are flat and round with a vertical wall. These can be used for a variety of different cooking methods like frying and simmering and many others.
1 answers
Why is kitchenware necessary?
Kitchenware comprises of all the things that are part of a kitchen in any household. It means that all the various eating and cooking and dressing materials that are such a large part of your daily use are part of the kitchen cookware.
1 answers
What other purposes does kitchenware serve?
Kitchenware is also an essential part of your household aesthetic. So, it is important that you should put some thought into the kind of kitchenware that you get for your home.
1 answers
Is it important for kitchenware to be made from steel?
No, kitchen non-stick cookware is used from various materials. Your choice in choosing the type of materials that goes into your kitchen should depend on the type of heating method you use.
1 answers