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Buy Nose Rings for women in India @ Limeroad

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Nose Rings

Nose piercings are an age-old form of piercing that has been practiced across the world. They are an important part of the culture for people from Southeast Asia, and these piercings can be adorned with a variety of jewellery such as stone stud and metal rings. These days, nose rings are popular as a fashion statement and there are a wide variety of nose rings available in the market.

Historical & Cultural Significance

Nose rings were worn in the Mughal period, and Indian nose rings are called Nathani. Nose piercings are also mentioned in ancient Ayurveda scriptures and are thought to be connected with health. They were also used in some cultures to display wealth. In India, big nose rings are often a part of the bridal costume, and they add more beauty and grace to it.


Nose rings are in the west are more of a fashion trend than a historical phenomenon. They come in many varieties, such as stone studded, engraved metal, embellished metal, and they come in varying levels of detail.

Nose rings are also a part of the punk culture, amongst other piercings. People who categorize themselves as punks like adorning themselves with piercings as a form of rebellion against conservative norms of beauty and fashion.

If you don’t want to go under the needle, don’t worry, you don’t need to get your nose pierced to wear beautiful nose rings, you can wear a clip on if you don’t want to commit just yet. Different nose rings suit different occasions and tastes, so here are some nose rings from Limeroad that you can get:

  • Nose Ring by RUBANS: This is a traditional Nathani and is meant for dressy ethnic looks for occasions like parties, engagements, or marriages. This nose ring would look great with a heavily embroidered saree, or to add a fusion touch, wear it with a jewel toned choli and skirt combination with a golden choker necklace and bangles.
  • Nose Pin by brand Chika: This nose pin has a beautiful red stone set amongst an engraved pattern. This is a good choice for people that prefer big and noticeable nose rings. It features a clip on closure and would look beautiful with an everyday ethnic look but would also add beauty to western wear.
  • Silver Metal Nose Pin by Archi Collection: This nose ring does not feature stones but has a dainty feminine floral pattern that would add a lot to your everyday look. It has a press on closure.
  • Silver Metal Nose Rings by Notjustiaras: If you prefer more subtlety, this smaller drop shaped clip on will have your fancy. This will look lovely with any outfit.

Nose rings add style to one’s outfit, and there is a perfect nose ring out there for everyone, explore a wide range of nose rings on Limeroad!