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Buy Nude Color Shoes For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Nude Color Shoes For Women

Nude colours have innumerable advantages of never going out of style because of their versatility. They can be comfortable worn than the bold colour shoes like pink, blue or red. The term nude covers a wide palette of skin colour from pale porcelains to rich espressos. A lot of it depends on your skin tone too, just like beauty makeup in huge range of flesh tone.


When selecting right pair of nude shoe take the top shoe designers, Christian Louboutin’s tip- pick your nude shoes one or two shades lighter or darker than your own skin for the best magical effect. A perfect match with your skin tone is not advisable unless you want to look like you are not wearing any shoes at all. Selecting a patent look will help avoid the shoes blending in with your skin. The colour difference should not be too much as you will not get the miraculous leg lengthening look that is a celebrity secret.


Advantages Of Wearing Nude Color Shoes


Nude shoes provides visual enhancement to your legs- the magical ingredient to your outfit which can make the difference between looking frumpy or fabulous.

  • Versatile, you can wear them with almost everything.
  • Universally flattering, nude or beige shoes can be worn by everybody.
  • Long legs, like your legs will go on for miles.
  • Emphasis towards a fabulous print on a dress or top.
  • Keeps you in your budget, as everything in your wardrobe goes well with it.

Easy Ways To Wear Your Nude Shoes

  • With monochrome outfits- This looks classy as monochrome outfits in nude shades are means of artistic expression of your taste without being overdone. Nudes are muted and subtle but be careful while selecting it for head to toe to avoid looking naked. Go for structured silhouettes or volumes instead of bodycon. A fitted nude top with turtleneck teamed with nude accordion skirt and a fit and flare dress with nude heels looks perfect. When planning to wear fitted  silhouettes on top and bottom pieces go for crop tops with dress pants as it will show your midriff, thus revealing your skin tone and nude clothing. This makes the monochromatic outfit hot and tame.
  • With pastel shades- Going for nude shoes with pastel or colourful shades gives that girly and innocent vibe without being a sharp contrast with your shoe. Nude shoes make sure that the focus stays on the colourful outfit creating an ideal backdrop. But a pair of classic ballet flats, may look walking the streets in bare feet, if it’s close to your skin tone. So it is best to go for high or low heels to add some stature to your height.
  • With dark shades- Navy, burgundy and black in fabrics like lace, satin or metallic look perfect with nude shoes. For formal events or otherwise, a pair of nude heels is great for keeping all the emphasis on your dress.
  • With shorter hemlines- Pairing your nudes with shorter hemlines will create the illusion of longer looking legs. Above the knee dresses like shorts, miniskirts will create the appearance of longer legs with nude heels adding some inches to your height. You can opt for a closer shade to your skin tone for more optimum results.
  • With longer hems in lighter shade-  Nude shoes gives you visually lengthening effect. But if you pair them with dark shades of maxi skirts or black trousers, the effect will be diminished. Pair it with lighter shades like gray, white for more complementing look.

Shop Nude Color Shoes From LimeRoad


So have you decided where to shop your  Nude Color Shoes from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this fashion platform your one-stop destination! Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!