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Buy Off Shoulder Tops For Girls in India @ Limeroad

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Off Shoulder Tops For Girls

What Are Off Shoulder Tops?

Off shoulder is one edge, nearly linear. Also known as Carmen neckline.
These are similar to boat necklines but are significantly lower, below the shoulders and collarbone. Usually, these pass over the arms but, in the strapless neckline style, may pass under the arms. These necklines accentuate the shoulders and neck of the wearer.


One-shoulder off necklines are one edge, nearly linear. These are asymmetrical linear necklines that cut across the torso diagonally, usually from one shoulder to under the other arm.

Types And Patterns

  • Curved, concave up:
    These have a curved U-shape, with the arms of the U hanging on the shoulders. The depth of the U can vary, ranging from demure styles to plunging.
  • V-neck:
  • These are 2–4 linear edges, side edges diverge. These are formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulders that meet on the chest creating a V shape. The depth of the V can vary, ranging from demure styles to plunging. The V may also be truncated by a small bottom edge, forming a trapezoid.
  • Portrait neckline:
    A portrait neckline is a v-neck with the edges of the v placed out at the points of the shoulders rather than closer to the neck.
  • Square off shoulder neck:
    These are characterized by three linear edges, the bottom edge meeting the side edges at right angles. The bottom edge cuts across the figure horizontally and the side edges pass over the shoulders. A special case of this is the slot neckline, in which the side edges are very close roughly the width of the collar-bone points, forming a narrow slot.

Style And Fashion


An off shoulder top is a garment that stays put around the upper body without shoulder straps or other visible means of support. It is usually supported by an internal corset or brassiere, with the tightness of the bodice preventing the dress from slipping out of position.


The neckline is the most important part of any top, and this explains why designers are always creating new trends solely on it. The Off the shoulder silhouette is the latest trend to make the rounds, especially on celebrities and street style stars.

It is flirty, flattering and most importantly gives your collarbone much-desired attention. If you have well-sculpted shoulders collar bones, why not show them off. Wear your off the shoulder top with high waist pants or midi length skirt.

How To Wear It?

The off-shoulder is not for you if you have a heavy burst and muscular shoulders as it will accentuate them too. In this case, you might be better off with a one-shoulder dress for the added dramatic effect.

Your off-shoulder dress is your best accessory, so when you wear it do keep the other accessories to a minimum. A single-strand pendant, an elegant pair of earrings, clutch and nice shoes can do just fine. For a classic/formal off-shoulder piece, have a delicate piece around the neck to match.

Keep it simple in pattern and design. This trend looks best when it is simple and chic.
Have an elegant hairstyle to go with it as all the attention will be up there.


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