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Buy Office Handbags For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Office Handbags For Women


Choosing the right office handbag is quite a tricky task as you need a bag which suits your personal style as well as it proves to be functional in carrying your essentials for the day. Most of the working women carry essentials such as makeup, water bottle, gadgets, notebooks, charger etc. and these can take up a lot of space in the bag. Hence, a sturdy and durable handbag is preferred by every working woman which will last longer and also help them carry all that they need.


Office handbags are supposed to be smart and not very eye-catching but in neutral colours which makes one look elegant plus professional. Whether you are an artist, engineer, doctor or a chef, we all require a durable office bag which matches with our personality as well. Limeroad offers a wide range of office bags, choose from a collection of elegant and functional handbags.


Types Of Office Handbags


1. The All-Purpose Leather Satchel - This is a workhorse handbag, a medium to a large handbag that can hold almost all your essentials right from your make-up pouch to your office files. Choose a neutral shade which compliments your office outfits.

2. The Medium-Sized Shoulder Bag - Shoulder bags are chic and sporty at the same time. A quality leather or fabric shoulder bag is the ideal pick in a medium-sized shoulder bag. It’s perfect for daily use and is a hassle-free bag.

3. The Tote Bag - Every woman requires a tote bag, it can fit in all items at once in your bag and will still have space for more. You can carry your laptop, files, and essentials all in one in a tote bag. It looks professional and sleek for regular office use, choose from a neutral shade and match it with your daily outfits.

The Handbag Fabric Guide


Handbags come in different materials and you can choose the best one depending on your needs.

  1. Leather - It is the best in handbag material and has all the qualities for a long-term use. Leather bags are stylish, durable and versatile, and they can easily offer as a transition from a regular office bag to an evening outing.
  2. Suede - Do you like luxe products? Then, suede is the perfect material for you. They have a soft texture and made of a napped leather. For keeping the suede material clean, use a suede protector spray.
  3. Faux leather and PVC- Handbags made of faux leather and PVC are made out of materials which are an alternative for leather.
  4. Canvas Fabric - Usually made of heavyweight cotton material and are quite durable in nature.

The perfect office bag is everything at once, they should be professional to fit in your laptop and files and have enough room to even fit in a pair of gym clothes to juggle between shifts. An office bag is a versatile bag which can multitask from a professional look to an evening out with friends. Limeroad brings to you an array of office bag with the best of brands and the newest in trend. So what are you waiting for? Log into Limeroad and shop your favorite handbags online.