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Buy padmini kitchen appliances for home kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Padmini Kitchen Appliances

Padmini Appliances is a leading company involved in manufacturing and supplying the best L.P Gas Appliances and “Padmini Essentia” electric home appliances including items like induction cooking systems, gas hobs cooking ranges, cooking chimneys, food processors, kitchen machines, juicer mixer, grinder, dry iron, electric kettles and gas/electric water heaters.

Why buy from Padmini?

The company has sold off millions of kitchen appliances in the past 30 years. Padmini Appliances is an awakening from the demands of the buyers of modern home appliances.


The company acknowledges that a brand can be accepted only by its quality and service. Padmini Appliances is renowned for its high quality and high performance appliance and is clearly the top choice in every household. At Padmini, appliances are manufactured with a new approach to make your cooking experience so much better.


The company is backed up by a dedicated marketing team and has established a total of 110 distributors all over the country.

Pressure Cookers

Got to rush to a meeting at 12 but, you’re on the “diet”? Can’t eat the cafeteria food in your office? Just bring out the champion that puts all of the other cookers to shame.


Padmini brings to you, the best of the best. The company puts forth a variety of cookers with capacities of 3L and also 5L.

The pressure cookers are made from either virgin aluminium or heavy pure gage aluminum. Virgin aluminium prevents the contamination of your food.


Some of the pressure cookers have a protective hard anodised coating and most of them come with an induction base. It heats all your food evenly and gets your meal done in no time.


You could get one of these on Limeroad with super rare offers.

Non-stick Cookware Sets

When you’re cooking up your delicious meat and then disappointment just comes and hits you in the face when you see that half of the fish is lying there, stuck on the pan. No matter how much oil you put, the situation just does not improve. Well, Padmini has got quite a range of solutions for you in different shapes and sizes.


Padmini Appliances is now selling three in one sets in which you will get a flat tawa, a frying pan and a kadai with a glass lid. All of the cookware is made from aluminium and have an induction base to provide even heat.


The company did not hold back to make these appliances have a bit of style in them. The cookware come with stylish handles with a more accurate grip.


These non-stick cookware sets are available on Limeroad. You could easily get your products delivered at your doorstep in 3-5 business days which is probably the fastest in the game and it’s free! So no extra money from your pocket. Go grab yourself one of the best offers you could ever get.


Winter is just around the corner peeping from the window. Soups are going to be very essential during the cold season. We have to get that home remedy to feel fuzzy and warm inside. Wear your chef hat and get in the kitchen.


Oh, what’s that? What are you going to make it in? Well, you guessed it. Padmini Appliances has got your back till now, it sure will have a solution to your problem this time.


They came out with a 155 mm saucepan keeping these special occasions in mind. This saucepan will be your saviour in these harsh times. There is nothing a hot soup can’t solve, right?


Don’t think too much and go treat yourself with this beauty now available on Limeroad at an affordable price.

Well, there you go. That should sum it all up. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing offers on Limeroad. You would get an easy and free delivery plus the secure packaging. All you have to do is tick off the filters you’re looking for in a particular appliance. Bam! You got yourselves the jewel of cookware.