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peach lipsticks for women

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Peach Lipsticks For Women


Peach is a color that suits everyone, whether you’re a loud and proud lipstick freak who has tried on every color there is or you faint at the thought of experimenting. It is such a lovely and pleasant color. It is neither bold like red nor fragile like pink. Peach represents simplicity and subtlety. It suits every skin tone and can be worn all year long, and with anything or everything you wear. It is loved by all and is perfect if you want your makeup look natural or have a subtle hint of liveliness. Buy your favorite peach lipstick from Limeroad and satisfy your peach obsession.


The Peach Passion


Peach is a great color choice for someone who looks for subtle and yet chic lipsticks. Unlike red or orange, the peach lipsticks offer a shade which is not too loud and that makes this color suitable for those who like to keep their makeup subtle as it leans more towards a little neutral side. A good peach lipstick works best with lighter skin tones and also some kinds of darker tones. There are different shades of peach that can be picked up as per your skin complexion. That is not an issue at all since every makeup brand has started developing colors to match almost every skin tone, peach is no exception.


Furthermore, the choice of the brand also has an effect on the quality of color. High-end brands usually work the best. But that doesn’t mean drugstore lipsticks are no good. You just have an eye to find the right ones. The rest depends upon the kind of look you want the lipstick to have, for example, you can choose from the matte, glossy, shimmery and metallic finish, the choice is totally yours. You also need to know what shades suit you best.


To help you out with that, here is a quick guide we’ve managed to put together:

  • Fair tone: Fair skin tones look great paired with soft peachy lip shades. As blue is opposite to orange on the color wheel, opt for an orange undertone to really make blue eyes pop. Peach is a really nice shade for work. It’s fun and brightens up the face without being too overwhelming.
  • Deep tone: Deeper skin tones can pull off beautiful bold shades the best. If you have warm undertones you can get away with a lipstick with a bit more orange in it. A cheeky pop of color like this will let you transform any mundane day look into a glamorous one with minimal effort.
  • Medium tone: Medium skin tones can pull off most shades. But if in doubt, opt for a sheer finish as it’s perfect for the color-shy. Pale lipsticks like glossy peach balm is a perfect choice.

The peach lipstick fits well in formal and casual scenarios and does not look over the top. So if you intend to create a minimalistic look, peach lipstick can be your go to. If you don’t already have a peach lipstick or you simply can't get enough of the ones you already do, shop from Limeroad’s expertly curated collection to find yourself something new.