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Buy Pearl Earrings For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Pearl Earrings


Pearl earrings are a class apart, always speaking of true beauty and perfection. They make a mark for themselves and are a must-have for every woman. After a long time, pearl earrings are fast coming back into fashion, and you can be sure to catch celebrities flaunting them at every other star marked event in town.


Pearls are magnificent jewellery, and are often kept for the grandest occasions. The most common way to distinguish a real pearl from an imitation pearl is to rub it against your teeth. While a real pearl will feel grainy, an imitation feels rather soft. But it's not always easy to convince the brain to spend ample on what the heart wants, right? That's why the exquisite pearl imitation jewellery offered at Limeroad makes it possible for you to add elegance to your beauty at minimal cost.


A Pearl For Every Occasion


  1. The Western Pearl - One of the most delicate pieces of jewellery to own are the pearl drop earrings. With the class of sleek metal drop down earrings, a variety of which you can find at Limeroad comes the beauty of a pearl attached at the end. Pearl earrings look best with formal attire like maxi dresses and gowns. But even so, we understand that one can ever be in the mood for pearls, and that's why we at Limeroad offer a wide range of jazzy pearl earrings to go with every kind of outfit from lowers to the little black dress!
  2. The Indian Pearl - For a more Indianised look, one can go for jhumkas decorated with tiny imitation pearls, which give a flair to the earrings and add a shine to your ensemble. You can check out our collection of jhumkas from various brands like Maayra, and choose from a variety of colours, designs, and lengths. Apart from tidy jhumkas, we all know that Kundan and gold plated earrings with studded or hanging pearls have always been the pride of Indian women.
  3. The Everyday Pearl -  Pearls can never look mundane, even in the form of the most basic earrings, i.e studs. The most beautiful combination is that of corals and pearls, which gives a petite and feminine look to the face. When looking for elegance in everyday wear, pearl studs are the answer.

A pearl, even in imitation, is considered a piece of remarkable beauty. That's why we at Limeroad offer the best of pearl designs the brands have to offer because a woman's jewellery should match her standard.


Pearl earrings are a statement by themselves, and can often be carried off without any other piece of jewellery. However, at a more formal setup, one can go for a sleek chain around the neck or a studded bracelet to go with the pearls.


Long earrings or short, a pearl means business. So don't think twice before grabbing the pair of pearl imitation earrings that catch your eye and melt your heart. It's time to fill your calendar with dates because it's time to get the treasure out of the chest and flaunt to your heart's content!